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    Who IS this guy??

    Sorry if this has been discussed, but I just want to know who exactly THIS guy is... He is on the Skulls Eye Schooner and in the Imperial Trading Post(as a merchant?)(he has blue pants in the trading post) Just wondering.
  2. Okay, I know that cigarette smoke and sunlight cause yellowing... For sunlight, is it DIRECT sunlight, as in, Beams shining onto the Lego for prolonged periods of time. Or if a room, lit technically by sunlight during the day (no direct light shining in the room or onto the lego), will that cause yellowing?
  3. I'm not sure if this poll has been done, but if it has, please inform me!!! (I searched and found nothing) I like in this order... Imperial Armada(they just look so damn good when you have alot of them...) Imperial Guards (I prefer red over blue) Imperial Soldiers(still cool, but my least favorite... typically I have 20+ of these guys...)
  4. Sting

    Wild West

    Wasn't sure if this should go here... but its the closest one I could think of... This was a really well done line IMO, and I don't know why it only lasted one year... the possibilities were almost endless... there was the whole west to be done... they didnt have a train set... so much they could have done... I mean, its No Pirates ( :D ) theme but its pretty damn good. Thoughts?
  5. Hellelujah!!!! Pirates has returned! So has some wicked new town sets - Construction sets building actual buildings and not just digging, a brand new and unbelievably awesome "Agriculture" style City line. Wicked new Indiana Jones set based on the old sets (its still no Johnny Thunder, but some of these set designs are AWESOME). Good Castle line... LEGO!! THANK YOU FOR WAKING UP. But your still a teeeeeny bit drowsy. 6243 (Pirate Ship) What I like From what it looks like, using the old ship bases! Good amounts of sails! Lattice windows and fencing! Everywhere! The room underneath the bridge looks like it could be full of cool little details! Old Cannons! The colors of the ship itself - more realistic then some of the older Pirate ones. The awesomelanterns like all the old Pirates line had! (so simple, yet I loved them!) The cool new parrot Comes with some wicked Imperial Guards to battle. Always love when lego included a few of the enemy faction in one 'teams' set. Come to think of it, I just love how they obviously took influence from the Old Pirates line. (Phes, we will probably have to think of a term for the Pre-HORRIBLE PERIOD OF LEGO Pirates and these new ones... I guess Classic Pirates works!) What I don't like I agree with Phes - don't like the jolly roger. Luckily its only on 2 sails. Needs more figures. This ship is definately too small to be the biggest Pirate set. Why not make this one the Pirate's Flagship and then make an even bigger (3 or 4 cannons) Imperial ship? Lego is still missing out on the opportunity to make a big, beautiful Imperial Galleon! The front hull (I forget what its called :( ) could maybe be built up a bit. Maybe I am just being picky - but the good thing - definately more pros than cons! 6242 (Imperial Fort) What I like LOVE the use of the old Imperial Logo. Definately helping out the AFOL with 100s of Imperial Guardsmen. Did I mention those AWESOME Imperial Guards? They look great - and the golden insignia on the Shako is a beautiful touch. The 'dock' style layout reminds me of Imperial Trading Post and Imperial Outpost - 2 of the coolest Imperial bases. Old palm tree, monkey, and gator. The barrel O rum underneath the boat house thing. Possible use of old 5 wide castle walls with the "brick showing through" pattern. They actually included a Guardsmen Base - didn't expect that! What I don't like As much as I do like the new Imperial Guardsmen, I think Lego missed an opportunity to really ramp up the guardsmen. They could have made them look more new and different - I am not saying change for the sake of change, but I am saying they could have done something slightly more exciting. Needs more guardmen. The set isn't that big, but this is the Guardsmen "Main" set, and three just ain't enough. No backpacks on guardsmen - granted these are supposed to be navy units and wouldn't carry their backpacks everywhere, it made them look bulkier and differentiated them from the Pirates more. Love the shako's, but they could have made some Shako's plain black so the one with the gold insignia could be more rare and used for Seargents. Needs an admiral or governor figure... we have our Grunts, our Officer... I want a white gloved fat cat! Oh well, maybe for the Flagship! *crosses fingers* From what it looks like, those "brick showing through" pattern pieces may just be big ugly square wall pieces - I know thats not much different then the classic Castle Wall pieces, but they had a certain charm that a big ugly square piece doesn't have. They required a little more skill to put together better. 6241 (Island) What I like Imperial Guard with Cannon! Thank you for not making these figures super rare! Cool little dock. Old, filthy, bearded pirate obviously gone slightly crazy by too much time in the sun! What I don't like The baseplate is nasty. Rock formation looks like its made of 10 pieces. Needs to be bulkier. 6239 (Cannon Battle) What I like Imperial Guard with Cannon!! Love those things. This set is great a army builder! Its a good thing lego isn't teasing us with these cool new figures - they are actually making them available in smaller sets. Torch looks awesome! Leads to a promising restart of the cool small sets lego used to have for Pirates. What I don't like Hopefully the Imperial Guard gets a musket and the Pirate will get a sword too. I loved when you got the mini pirate sets and each figure would have more weapons then he could hold. Gave more variety! This Imperial Guard could really use a backpack... alone on an island with artillery! C'mon! LoL. 6240 (Raft) What I like Barrel on top with captain looking out! Colors of the raft itself look great. Cool Parrot! I actually kinda like that big ugly octopus!! What I don't like Needs a sail. Kind of boring compared to the other sets - I am tired of Creature vs. Man violence! Bring on the battle of the factions! All In all an excellent restart of Pirates. Lets hope they do well - and maybe we will get some bigger and better sets. These sets in vision are better than the 1997 (the last line) of Classic Pirates - but the design is still a little less inspiring than the 1997 sets. It is very close though - I have to say I am wholeheartedly impressed and excited for this rebirth. I can only hope it gets better - we need more figures, and bigger sets. I guess sales will determine if we get that!
  6. Sting

    Haldo from oregon!

    I have never been to Oregon, but it is a beautiful place from pictures I have seen and from what I have heard. You are very lucky. One day I hope to follow in your footsteps and go there!! Have a good strip!
  7. Sting

    A Monopoly Movie?

    I could make a wicked Monopoly movie. You got to make it Wall Street style, big rich, 'greed is good' jerks fighting over a large area of property in a fastly growing city. Make sure it takes place in the 20s or 40s or something. It could be so cool. Who could play Rich Uncle Pennybags??
  8. Sting

    Help me, I'm in my dark ages!

    Dude, wait till High School. In High School, me and my friends were buddies with everyone and everyone knew we were obsessed with Lego. We talked about it all the time in front of the jocks and no one judged us. There are far 'lamer' things to be obsessed with than Lego. (Not that lego is lame). You just got to talk about it to people that are interested. People have no problem with quirky hobbies as long as you don't force them upon them. Put em away for now, at least you didn't go through a dark ages when good sets were being released (yes, there are some good ones, but not like it was). Just store them good so they don't make things messy and then in a year or two or five when you get back into Lego you will be pumped you bought them. I understand your predicament. I was out of Lego for like 4 years until I turned 16 and got back into it again. I am only 20 right now, so this wasn't long ago. Its all fresh in my mind. Don't know if it will help, but don't feel like your ever too old for Lego. Like someone said already, there are 30, 40, and 50 year olds buying lego religiously. Its a hobby. Men in their 50s collect toys and model trains. Its not that bad.
  9. Sting

    Lego commercial

    Wouldn't an idiot in their right mind be doing idiotic things? X-D But yeah, I destroyed my Skulls Eye Schooner and pimped it out. Just normal things to make it more realistic like 20' inch chrome rims and a Playstation 2 in the captains quarters. To stay on topic, I remember how awesome these commericials were, because they inspired me to buy more Lego. I loved them! I love youtube for seeing all this stuff. Brings back great memories.
  10. Sting

    The Lego map for Pirates

    I use feet for measurement and pounds for weight. Canada uses a combination of the Imperial and Metric system it seems. I like the Imperial system more for many things, and this is from a man living in the Metric-loving Great White North!
  11. Sting

    Toyota or Toyoda ??

    LOL. Sometimes I would rather have a Toy Yoda than a Toyota...
  12. Sting

    Country Poll Vol. 2

    Must. Get. Flag!
  13. Sting

    Lego commercial

    LoL. I love these late 80s/early 90s commercials. Hilarious. I think Lego should make a commercial exactly like this now, just to see the reaction. Lego sales plummet 80% hahaha. I remember how those commercials pumped me up. I wanted the sets I saw so bad... is there even Lego commercials now adays? I haven't seen one. Then again I barely watch TV. I am not a couch potato. More like an office chair potato. I wish Lego would resell some of those sets with the new grey. That would be sweeeeet.
  14. Sting

    Country Poll Vol. 2

    Oh yeah, it must be that. I forgot New Zealand and Austrailia had a larger population than Canada. I fade in and out, but I am always looking around this board from time to time. I am back for now! Canadian right here... now how do I get one of those little flags in my side profile thingamajig...
  15. Sting

    What is this theme?

    If that was a Lego design, it would be a lot better. But it shows how cool a World War theme could be. I don't see Lego turning to historical violence any time soon though.
  16. Sting

    Blohmton Post Office

    This MOC has turned me on to the new style of 'big detailed town sets' that lego has been making. I love the details and the colors. It looks incredible, especially alongside the Lego produced sets. I have to say the toilet is pretty cool LOL. Excellent job Barbossa. Very inspiring and beautiful creation.
  17. Sting

    New Castle Sets Coming In 2008???

    There is still room for Lego to improve. The new King's Castle is at least designed in the old style, but it still uses a few <insert that tiresome argument> lazy pieces. Its rooms need to have a bit more life as well, as right now, from what I have seen in pictures, they seem kind of empty.
  18. Sting

    New Castle Sets Coming In 2008???

    I hope there are new Castle sets. I really like this new theme, mainly for the 'human' parts (not a big fan of the Skeleton armies, but still). The King's Castle is almost as good as some of the older castles in design. It truely shows the potential of how good Lego could be if they got their old design style back. Awesome figures + New colors = Amazing looking sets. Imagine a new PIRATES line, with good cool new figures and designs similar to the old ones? It could easily be better than the original Pirate line.
  19. Sting

    Skeleton Pirates Meet Castle

    You are probably right! But considering the fact we are talking about SKELETON Pirates, I don't think reality is important in the issue! :-P
  20. Sting

    Custom Minifigures

    SirNadroj, Love the Mounties, being a Canadian and all. Atticus Finch is perfect, and the Robin hood is really cool. That Riddler mask works really well.
  21. Sting

    New pictures of my Lego Town

    Joebot, I would like to say that your Town is one of the best I have seen, and I have seen many. You are able to recreate the magic of the lego catalogs very well. Many towns I have seen have too many pieces, too large buildings, just too great of scale that when you see the small details it isn't interesting. While big buildings are very cool and can work (your Stadium being an example), they can be distracting and ruin the feel of an MOC. You seem to have struck a perfect balance between using the great Lego Town sets AND making your own buildings or additions to buildings. My favourite area is the area with the Coast Guard base and police station. I have the Coast Guard base from 1995 that you seem to have based the main Coast Guard Building off of. It is a great set, but you have made it more full looking, and the garage with the helicopter on top looks excellent, especially alongside the elevated road piece. Your careful mixture of classic lego sets, your own designs, and your own designs INFLUENCED by classic lego sets is inspiring. I look forward to seeing more pictures.
  22. Sting

    Ancient Greece

    I must say Spartan lego figs would look pretty cool. Model them kind of similar to the ones in 300. A new yellow leg piece with a red armor pattern similar to this A red Torso with printed armor pattern(Breastplates could work, but it would make the Spartan's body look too bulky) The "King" or "Spartan Commander" could have a special design. A red cape Any generic angry face would work fine. And of course, the wicked helmets. There could even be a special Plume piece to stick on the helmet so we could have different colors. Some round pearl gold shields and regular spears/swords would finish off the figures. My only concern is facing Persians would probably look bad on Lego's part. I am not politcally correct enough to care - I would simply see it as a story - but many people may see it bad. Again, as many have said, I think the best bet would be Lego making Spartans vs. Mythical Creatures, or Greek Heroes vs Mythical Creatures. There is no harm though in imagining what would be cool though!
  23. Sting

    Brickshelf NOT dead

    Thank you Lord Baby Jesus. For a while I was scared I was going to have no inspiration! (except for the fine folks at Eurobricks). Now I have no fear.
  24. Sting

    Ancient Greece

    Athos, I like your ideas for sets a lot. Personally, I agree with most people on this board that I would much rather see armies. One imaginary city-state fighting another imaginary city-state. Much like Classic Castle. The first year could be 2 Imaginary Greek City States and the second year could introduce a Persian themed faction, or a more Troy style city state. Although the movie was terribly inaccurate, the green/teal armor of the Trojans in the 2004 Movie would make an appealing army. Each faction could come with a few buildings that fit their style. I think that if Lego did make any Greek theme, it would continue along the same style as the Vikings, as you have pointed out. THere would probably be a bunch of monsters to be built and to fight the Greek heroes, as some have pointed out, Lego doesn't seem to like human on human violence. I think Star Wars and Batman are exceptions because they are not lego's creation. No parent is going to say "Batman Lego is too violent!" or "Star Wars LEGO is too violent". They criticize the series in general. Lego is safe as long as parents continue to buy Star Wars or Batman toys for their children. If Lego makes human on human violence, in the new age of oversheltered children, this could steer many parents away. Many of us cannot fathom how parents would do this, but some must. Despite this, getting a set with 2 Greek Style minifigs and the architecture pieces, plus a (possibly) lame monster is better than getting no greek minifigs at all! That was my view on the Vikings. I have almost every Viking Set, despite hating the monsters.
  25. If you look on the back of the 6271 Imperial Flagship, you will see, like on most lego sets, some alternate models. One thing I found interesting, as brought up on the FAVOURITE PIRATE MINIFIGURE THREAD is what appears to be a special Imperial Guard Grunt with Yellow Epaulettes. What is interesting is this figure appears as a standard Minifigure on Bricklink - IE: Not Custom. Now whether or not it is intended to be real, it is interesting that Lego decided to change the Epaulettes on this figure in 2 of the creations on the back of the box. Whatever you believe, here he is in all of his glory. (Hopefully you can view these... if not someone will have to tell me ASAP how to embed the images) On this first picture heappears to be wheeling out a cannon from a small little harbour building, where the Admiral and the seaman are chilling. In this picture he is manning the front cannon on what appears to be a heavily armed fishing boat.