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    OK THANKS,but since when does everybody have something constructive to say?
  2. can you change my rebel symbol to this CIS Tag*
  3. lego envy


    ( Shania Twain voice ) says, that don't impress me much...
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    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    What is odd to me is that you say all these comments and rude remarks and it says you only joined Group:Eurobricks Vassals Posts:13 Joined:20-February 12 Member:26793 How can someone have such knowledge about this forum in such a short time frame ..UNLESS.........?????????????? So, that being said you have a great day FALLENANGEL....
  5. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    That was an average give or take...Thats if you wanted all original too.
  6. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    Well, i guess you can look at it two ways..You can BL it for almost 1000 or you can wait and hope to find a used one for around the same? Either way, yours does look nice.Thanks for sharing
  7. I always loved the asian culture so, i tried to create something from that.. my first MOC outside of the star wars forum ENJOY
  8. lego envy

    [MOC] Japanese DOJO & Japanese Garden

    Thanks, i will be doing more of these it was fun
  9. lego envy

    Droid Sale!

    Well done.. Simple is better i really like this one. You really out did yourself IMO.
  10. lego envy

    [MOC] Big Angry Ewok!

    I might have nightmares now...Thanks
  11. lego envy

    I grew up on Lego Technic.

    Nice stuff there Dapper. I remember us playing with them in your house like it was yesterday.. Ohhh the memories. Great stuff Daps
  12. lego envy

    [MOC] Japanese DOJO & Japanese Garden

    Now that you mentioned it the box does look odd,but my intention was to have it as a sparing box for swords.
  13. lego envy

    [MOC] Japanese DOJO & Japanese Garden

    Thanks for input. I added 2 plates to the meditating man and looks 100% better , but i don't have enough blue for river.. Updated pics soon.
  14. lego envy

    Episode IV - Tantive takeover Diorama

    Looks great.Nice job.
  15. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    Very true.
  16. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    I know and everyone speaks great English too..
  17. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    I know that.. I just wanted to see if he could add it as he did his thing..Much easier for all of us.
  18. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    Anyway you can give prices in US dollars?
  19. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    It's the Falcon, isn't it supposed to banged up and dirty?
  20. lego envy

    UCS Falcon replica

    I believe so.... By the way great work on the Falcon..Grey,Bley it doesn't matter as long as it looks good and complete and so far this is fantastic.. I had the falcon ,but i sold it.Looking at your thread makes me want to do this...
  21. lego envy

    Oriental Inn

    Looks great i like the whole thing ..Good job kid..
  22. lego envy

    Which UCS do you suggest for starting?

    What one do you want to spend the money on? 400 for 10221 or 250 for 10212
  23. lego envy

    Chibi Darth Vader

    Exactly what i was going to say..Looks good can we see a better pic of the face (kinda dark) and what is the cape made of? Looks great too.