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  1. UCSProductions1

    [MOC] Steampunk AT-RT (Moodland Scale)

    I would not be suprised if legoland used a similar design in their star wars miniland model collection. This moc is a greatway to show how specially designed bricks for certain sets can be repurposed in even more creative ways.
  2. UCSProductions1

    Fully chromed UCS Royal Naboo Starship

    that is one expensive moc for all that chrome. Had to be done by a custom make becuase lego does mot produce those bricks. way to go oitside that box.
  3. UCSProductions1

    [MOC] Nu-class attack shuttle (B&W Color scheme)

    Definatley a stronger design thatn what LEGO put out in 2008. Though this had less play potions than the prigonal design I feel the more important features of the shuttle were captured in your design. Well done !
  4. UCSProductions1

    Angles of Light

    unique and quite innovative in the way bricks are stacked in large well detailed sections.
  5. UCSProductions1

    [LDD MOC] - USS Enterprise V3.1

    This should go to Cusoo I think the community as a whole would enjoy an enterprise like this one as a set.
  6. UCSProductions1

    Pirate Ship Ambush Stop Motion Build

    I tried to do one of these videos and had to give up for it was to time consuming. I amend you for your patience to put together a quality stop motion build.
  7. UCSProductions1

    [MOC/WIP] Hobbiton and Bag End

    An excellent display using effective technics to give the model a natural feel.
  8. UCSProductions1

    LDD Ewok Village

    I would by something like this but i dont understand how it would appeal to kids who are looking for something to play with.
  9. UCSProductions1

    Chibi Han Solo

    This model would look great next to my cube dude collection of star wars characters.
  10. UCSProductions1

    The Exterminator

    This a cool moc but I don't think the name really fits.
  11. UCSProductions1

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    This sounds like a fun contests so I think I'm going to enter.
  12. UCSProductions1

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I hoping to see more old republic Sith lords from Lego. Some include Exar Kun Darth Revan Drath Plageus and a Darth Malgus. Since the new summer sets have some old republic ships I think Lego would have no trouble releasing more sets with lthese old republic with lords.
  13. UCSProductions1

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would enjoy seeing more old republic sets especially because the ones coming out this summer are so good. I think Lego would have an easy time coming up with new sets in such a wide range of choices in the old republic.
  14. UCSProductions1

    Petranaki Arena

    If I remember correctly this arena is round on Genosis. Yet other than that small problem I think this mic turned out really well and has a large amount of accuracy to the film.
  15. UCSProductions1

    How much is your SW collection worth?

    I purchase about 2,000 dollars worth of Lego products a year and have collected Lego sets for eight years now, so my collection is worth around 16,000 dollars.