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  1. agkoo

    AGK's Town MOCs

    Town layout 2006-2012 More pictures here LEGO Factory This is a scale model of the LEGO Factory in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. I had about one month to work on the digital design. I could not participate in the actual building or the setup, as I was staying out of the country at the time. This was a surprise gift from the various companies that were involved with the construction of the factory. The finished model was set up at the LEGO Factory, in 2014. More pictures here Esterházy Palace This is a scale model of the Esterházy Palace in Pápa, Hungary. The finished model was set up in 2015 in the building it depicts. More pictures here Palace This is a MOC inspired by the Esterházy Palace in Pápa, Hungary. More pictures here Hungarian Parliament This would have been a scale model of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary. I started this project in 2015, but abandoned it after one month. More pictures here Muki A popular piece of railroad equipment in Hungary. More pictures here Első Óbudai Általános Iskola Minidoll-scale model of one of the very first "modern" school buildings in Budapest. More pictures here Dunakeszi Diáknegyed (Campus) On display at Dunakeszi Diáknegyed. More pictures here