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    Harry Potter
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    Viking Village


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  1. Hello all, my name is SerendipBrick. A series of very dull and depressing major life changes has had the unexpected consequence of helping me to rediscover my childhood love of Lego -- although I grew up with heaps and heaps of it (inheriting my brother's collection plus lots of my own), I haven't touched it in decades. My new partner took his teenage son to the Lego store while I wandered off to do more interesting things, and they forestalled any complaint by buying me a cute set of Lego Easter bunnies. I got home, built it and instantly knew I was hooked again. Unsurprisingly, cheered on by the other Lego fans in the household, my interest has snowballed and after acquiring quite a lot of (mostly Harry Potter themed) sets, I find myself wanting to expand my building horizons to a more freestyle approach. I've joined this forum in search of expertise and inspiration as I explore this new hobby -- Child Me would have been so stoked to discover a global community of Lego fans! Adult Me is a little overwhelmed, but very enthusiastic!