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  1. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    "Back in the day"... Lego made the licensed Santa Fe and BNSF sets. I don't know how popular they were at the time, but obviously they are very desirable now. They were all $40 each as I recall, which I thought was a good price at the time. Either BNSF didn't get much for the license fee, or the fee structure has changed? In either case, not sure licensing is the issue. I suspect with some of the licensed sets Lego is hoping to tap into two markets: those that like that "brand", and those that don't care and just won't put the brand stickers on. In either case, you get the same basic model. Thinking back to the SF/BNSF sets, it does make me wonder what Lego would charge if they sold those sets today? Wow, just entered $40 into an inflation calculator, and that equates to $67 today! At that price I would think SF/BNSF sets would fly off the shelves.
  2. Space78

    2024 Space sets

    Probably not getting any of those. I'm still anxiously waiting to see if Lego is going to release something in the "classic space" genre next year. I know a lot of people are expecting some type of "re-imagined" Blacktron set, but I'll be a bit disappointed if that's all we get, since I'm not really "into" Blacktron. On the other hand, if it's a Futuron set, that could be interesting for me. Mostly, I'm hoping for a re-make of one of the "command bases" to compliment 10497. When the purple oxygen tanks came back in stock at pick-a-brick, I ordered parts to make five purple spacemen and then picked up 5 of the space aliens to get the torso with space logo, so don't have a big need for Lego to make a set with the purple spaceman any more, but I'm still thinking we'll get something in the CS line in the space themed CMF series later in 2024. Speaking of CS spacemen, so far Lego has re-issued them in white, red, and yellow. Does anyone think we'll get re-issues of blue (without the scratched off space logo Benny has) or the elusive black? Theoretically, there are a lot more "new" colors they could do: purple, gray, and then all of the various shades of "standard" colors.
  3. Space78

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    Interesting. Makes me curious what Walmart is going to do. If they have any stock left after Christmas, we may see a big discount in the U.S.
  4. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Interesting, thanks for posting that. If I get the OE and motorize, it will be with 9V if at all possible, so I found this particularly helpful. Looks like he did not get derailment with the motor on the tender. I think the only thing I'd change is to try putting the motor only under the leading carriage or one under each one, as that's where most of the weight will be to give good traction. However, his solution is acceptable, I'd say, for 9V train enthusiasts. Quite honestly, the main issue seems to be a lack of smooth motion in the engine drive train. Something there is too stiff. I also recall having those "stiffness" issues with the Emerald Knight when I motorized it with PF following the instructions, which the author said he discovered also. It ended up being too frustrating to me to be worth it. However, using a 9V motor caused the same issue he is illustrating. In the end, I left the EK un-motorized. Something needs to be done with that linkage on the OE engine drive wheels. For the design to work, those wheels should move freely and not stick or lock up. Hmmmm.... maybe this is the real reason Lego did not provide a motorized solution?
  5. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Looks like in your first test pushing the tender & loco, the issue might have been the connecting bar? Looks like it swings pretty far to one side when coming out of the curve creating a sideways force when the train goes back onto straight track. Could this be solved by a connection that swings less to the side, like the magnet couplers?
  6. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Very nice and thorough review @kbalage. I particularly appreciate that you went through the building process so we can see how different components are put together, and what options there might be for powering this set. You video certainly made me more excited about this set from the stand point of a nicely detailed, beautify model. However, the 8 studs wide basis for the carriages makes me pause as I only have 6 stud wide trains. While the 8 stud wide bases makes for more internal room and details of the carriage interiors, I'm a bit worried this train is going to look out of place on my 9V track layout. It also looks like 9V train motors would look ok and fit under each carriage, but it sounds like the tender is too light "as is" to handle the force of being pushed around curves. Maybe adding weights to the coal tender would solve that problem. I'm sure I'll eventually get this model, but might be waiting for some discounts.
  7. Space78

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    Listed as Sold Out as of yesterday afternoon on the US Lego site. Don't think it's coming back, so this may be EOL. Should have bought at least one more on Friday when they were $79.99 on I'll have to wait to see if Walmart discounts these around Christmas.
  8. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    @ToledoRails well done video and lots of good points. Understand that Lego tried to motorize their model and it did not meet their expectations. However, that doesn't change my disappointment at it not being "plug and play" motorization. I think the set looks fantastic. However, since it is not easily motorized, I will be waiting before purchasing this one, especially at $300. I also agree with your statement to vote with your wallet. I'll wait to decide to purchase this after the actual model is revealed and we see what people do with the set.
  9. Space78

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    Well, it's not longer listed as sold out on U.S. It's on backorder and price is $79.99. This may be the deal I was looking for to get my 4th set!
  10. Space78

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    I see as of this morning, the Galaxy Explorer is "Sold Out" at in the U.S. It shows the set discounted 20%, but sold out.
  11. Good point, and that would be interesting if Space were a "cross theme" theme! From all the leaks we seem to know there will be multiple space themed sets next year. I am also very curious if that is a one year deal, or if "Space" will continue for a while.
  12. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Another possibility is that Lego has given up on powered "advanced" train models. Yet another possibility is that they decided not to consider a power option since the original Ideas submission was not designed with power in mind.
  13. From the looks of the box picture for the rover, seems like Lego might be making "Space" a subtheme of City? I'll be really interested to see what the minifig looks like.
  14. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    The reason for not having powered track can't possibly be for safety. Is everyone aware that there are multiple track powered toy trains marketed to kids??? Lionel trains, MTH trains, lots of HO stuff, etc. etc. All powered by rails, some AC (3 rail) some DC. I believe @zephyr1934 is correct, dropping 9V track was a cost cutting measure in the mid-2000s. Holger Matthes says exactly that in The Lego Trains Book (2017, no starch press). I get it, they were looking to cut costs at a time when they were on the edge of bankruptcy. All I was reflecting was that battery power is a step backwards from track powered trains. But let's face it, Lego has been retreating from "advanced model" trains since 2013. Horizon express was the last in a (roughly one every two years) line of more advanced train models. Who knew that was going to be a golden era for Lego model trains? After that Lego has not sought to market an advanced model train that is designed to be powered. Lego keeps one freight train and one passenger train designed for children in it's City line, and that's really it for trains. So, we are left with ideas sets (OE), and the odd time when a special model appears (2017 Crocodile). Makes me wonder what happened after Horizon Express that caused Lego to abandon trains for advanced builders?
  15. Space78

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Wow, I did not know that. I'm planning to get one of these set at some point, but if it had been too large to fit on Lego track, i would not have bought, especially at a higher price for a larger model. That just confirms that Lego views this as a static model. I may make me re-think purchasing one. It's kind of sad because I really enjoy the more advanced models we got 2002-2013. Unfortunately, Lego seems to have long given up on those. I'm sure "9V trains" is small group here, but the OE is another example of where a "powered rail" (9V) system is way simpler. I know Lego is a toy, but they are clearly marketing a number of sets to adults, the OE train included. Does Lego not understand that the vast majority of model train fans want to run their trains? That being said, I don't know of other successful model train systems that are battery operated. It's kind of weird that Lego went from battery operated in the 4.5V system to rail powered (12V and 9V) and then backwards to battery operated, although with remote control capability. I've read about it being a cost issue, especially in the cost cutting years in the mid 2000s. But, it's also hard to believe trains as a theme was/is big enough that raising the price of track would have been a deal breaker. Needing to accommodate a battery box with enough power and life in a train model definitely constrains the design possibilities. The Lego Santa Fe F-3 and BNSF GP-38 have fun interiors with a model of the diesel engine inside and other small details. In contrast, no room for that in the Maersk GP-40, and it affects what the exterior can look like