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  1. I saw this MOC. ------------- Anyways I spend too much time on this forum. I'm trying to cut back on screen time. So I'm leaving. Goodbye.
  2. Jenga Fett1

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I remember that one huge MOC for the Turbo Tank back in 2010. Would probably be cheaper than the AT-AT at least.
  3. To add onto that I'm not sure if I'd rather have the regular camo Clones or the scout trooper Clones. Ideally there would be one scout and three identical regular Clones with dark green accessories. Maybe they could be included in a snail tank droid.
  4. Considering that the 332 trooper has the same body as a regular 501st Trooper and the Officer from the 501st battle pack is pretty similar to a default 501st Trooper one could make regular 501s.
  5. Jenga Fett1

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    By 5 ABY the New Republic is already using T-70 X-Wings. Maybe if we see those in a future Mando episode we could get that. Though really I just don't want another red X-Wing. Furthermore about the ST, Kylo Ren at least should get stuff as that might actually sell. Perhaps a lightsaber as a GWP, his helmet, and his vessels. ST battle packs are not going to sell as well as others. Kylo Ren is probably one of the only things from the era that will sell sufficiently. At the very least they need to stop excluding the ST during the advent calendars.
  6. Jenga Fett1

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Honestly all I want from Sequel sets are the Exegol duel and a remake of the Resistance bomber.
  7. Jesus Christ. This many comments in one day.
  8. Incredible. Would be nice if LEGO tried to do more proper mini sets like they used to.
  9. Fake?
  10. Jenga Fett1

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I really hope we get more Sequel sets. I'd honestly rather forgo the dioramas as they waste a bunch of money on the black bases. Because Boba's Throne, The Emperor's Throne Room, presumably Yavin IV, and the missing Jabba's Throne Room all were hypothetically supposed to release within a short period of time I think it will be a while before we see a TROS throne as that would be five throne rooms at the same time. I suggested this a few months ago. Exegol Throne ($120): Palpatine, Rey, Ben Solo, all the Knights of Ren, 2 x Sovereign Protectors. Should have Palpatine's throne, the medical devices, the crane, and a large floor consisting of play features. But I doubt that would happen. Maybe in a few years we will see something along the lines of the Ahsoka vs. Maul set with Palpatine and Rey.
  11. It's a huge downgrade even when compared to the 2002 versions. It's the 2016 Death Star all over again. It's a worse update with the benefit of a new hair piece.
  12. Promobricks listed the BrickHeadz, Throne Room, and Endor Chase as €40, 100, and 80 respectively. The first is at a good price but I'll wait for a discount. The other two are both 20 Euros overpriced.
  13. The 2010 version was $30 and came with five minifigures, three droids, a Clone, and Barriss Offee. Adjusted for inflation the upcoming swamp speeder must be smaller in size as that set was also 176 pieces. I honestly doubt the claim of there being four minifigures though.
  14. Can we stop arguing about the OT, PT, ST, and everything else?
  15. I really hope we do get more obscure characters as well. But I noticed that some fans throw a tantrum when a lesser-known character is included.