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  1. Sneaky Melarky

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    Possibly but I don't have photoshop or any of those other programs that they use. Also for some reason the lighting and other things broke in my renderer but here is a concept of The Flying Toucan w/ minifigs:
  2. Sneaky Melarky

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Looks kind of cobbled together, I'm not saying it's nothing but it's entirely possible that LEGO was just trying to be tongue and cheek.
  3. Sneaky Melarky

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    Well it's all digital and I'm not skilled enough to add in special printed pieces, however, I'll check to see what's already available in Besides that I'll try to cobble some extra details and stuff into what I have already. I'd say give it a few days and I might have a more detailed render up. Thanks for you interest!
  4. Sneaky Melarky

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    Yes, I have a good enough computer but it still takes a while to render stuff. There's also not really that much to show off besides what's seen. I might try to figure out an interior eventually but it's not currently anything I'm worrying about. It's a shame they cost $40 because of the 1 x 1 round plates in blue only being released in one set. I guess that's just how it is sometimes!
  5. Sneaky Melarky

    Future Pirates Speculation

    It's from the creator set it just uses one of the hats that was on one of the other figures from that set.
  6. Sneaky Melarky

    Future Pirates Speculation

    The front looks a bit like it, but the sides and proportions seem different. It might just be the lighting but hopefully it's still something.
  7. Sneaky Melarky

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    Yes, I have some parts I am waiting on to complete a smaller scale ship. My ships aren't anywhere near the level of ships assembled by some of the people on this forum but I feel like they are starting to look good enough to share. Anyway I hope to have a smaller scaled imperial ship assembled by February.
  8. Sneaky Melarky

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    Here it is… The Flying Toucan; thrown together by me in This is not my best ship and there are a few things blatantly missing. However, I love how the render came out and I thought I would show the awesome people of this forum. I would love to hear your thoughts and criticisms, but please keep in mind this ship wasn’t built to be 100% realistic. I built it in the same vein as some of the older smaller LEGO ships with almost a fun campy nature. Anyway I hope you all enjoy it!