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  1. JohnsLegos

    looking for a brick

    The only thing I can find close is a part #3063 on Bricklink but am not sure what the degree is.
  2. JohnsLegos

    looking for a brick

    I am doing a MOC and am looking for a brick that has a 45 degree angle to make a corner. Is there something like that out there? Thanks.
  3. JohnsLegos

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    The reply Murdoch 17 made I mis-worded my reply. It should have been: can I use my motor and battery pack from my 60197 to go into the bottom plate of the 60052 to run the engine. Sorry about that everyone.
  4. JohnsLegos

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    A dumb thought: could I use the motor from the 60197 to go in the 60052 engine or is it different?
  5. JohnsLegos

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    I looked at the 60052 set and that is actually the engine I was looking for. I remember looking around at the local Toys R Us back then (that is really when I got back into Lego) and seeing this set on the shelf. I looked around Bricklink hoping to find the engine by itself but only found the set (bummer) I guess the only was to get the engine I want is to buy (or download) the instructions and purchase all the parts off of Bricklink and make it myself. One other question: if I was to build this engine, would the controller for the 60197 control this engine or would I need to find the one for it?
  6. I have the 60197 set and use the engine to pull around a freight type set of cars. I would like to change out the engine for something that would pull a freight train. I was watching a video I made of the train pulling the cars around and it just does not look right. I really do not need to buy a whole set because I have all the track I need. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Just when I thought I was done asking questions...... well I got the track assembly built and wanted to do the testing phase I opened the Control + app and went to step 2 and as it went into the turntable test is screen just sat there doing nothing so I grabbed my phone (I tried a tablet first) and was able to get into the turntable test. Then I forgot to turn it 180 degrees and it is stuck and I cannot get it back to where I can move the turntable. I tried to put it in "drive mode" to see if that helps but without the other motors and whatnot hooked up it did no good. I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled but that didn't help either and it still gets stuck on the "this makes the turntable move, give it a try " screen. Anyone?
  8. Thanks for the help everybody, I was able to get it all figured out and back to building! Thanks again!
  9. Ok, I went and took the track assembly off that you put on first and tried to move it down a little but if you go back to step 91, there are 2 black pieces that are somewhat in the way and won't allow the track assembly to go back into the blue pins.
  10. Ok, I made a video of the issue, I hope this helps.
  11. Hard to do as I am having trouble getting into Instagram
  12. HELP!! I started to build the crane last night and ran into an issue. I got to step 151 in the book and tried to put the 13 hole beam into place where the cable for the motor comes out and cannot get it to connect. SO I checked the sides that hold the tracks and everything seems alright there but it seems the little round grey tube is in the way so I took the whole turntable assembly off and rebuilt the first turn table apart and rebuilt it to see if something was wrong there. I put it back on with the black quarter rounds facing front and back as the illustration shows and it (the grey tube) is still in the way. I looked at the beams tht hold the "wings" and they looked like they are angled out and the only way to straighten them is to angle them down but that does not solve the problem. I am at a standstill with the build until this can be figured out. Anyone build one of these and had similar issues? Thanks for any help
  13. Hi all, have a question about this crane. I want to buy one for an upcoming show and am wondering if the booms can be collapsed to be put into a tote and when fully collapsed how high is it? Thanks
  14. I was on Bricklink looking for a part and I think I found the part I need but have a couple of questions. The part I was looking at was a 24121 11x11 curved gear and what I was wondering is (1) can you put multiples of these together to make a complete circle and also (2) how big in diameter would it be (preferably in inches or feet I am not good at conversions..) and (3) is the gear drive only on the inside? Thanks for any help!
  15. Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong place but I wanted to put this on the forum. Back some time ago while doing a build, I got this idea to build Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen's drumkit he used during the Hysteria tour out of Legos. After finding a decent photo on the web of the kit I searched Bricklink for parts and ordered them in as money was available. The only part of the kit that is non-Lego is the heads as they were a weird stud count (10 and a half) so they were built using balsa wood. The cymbals are 10 stud discs that were painted a gold color due to them not in that color from Lego. I hope you all enjoy this as I like to call it "MOC of Ages, a Lego tribute to Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen"