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  1. I just wanted to share this video with you all of my display (including a train) at a train show where I live. Enjoy!
  2. JohnsLegos

    60197 train issue

    I guess when I get a few minutes I will hahe to put some track down and put the engine back on it and see how it goes. I see your point Freur about the friction thing I didn't think of that. I also checked the battery type and they are zinc chloride ones from Harbor Freight but the batteries I used on Saturday were the same type and it ran fine. The batteries are the "Thunderbolt Magnum" ones
  3. JohnsLegos

    60197 train issue

    The batteries were not alkaline and not an expensive battery. I ran some Ray-O-Vac's and some from a store called Harbor Freight (i'm not sure if this store is a US store only). The Ray-O-Vacs seemed to run longer than the other ones.... As for the third question, I actually unplugged the cable from the battery box to the motor and re-plugged it back in to make sure. And the second question, the one time it stopped I picked the body of the engine up and it sped up.
  4. JohnsLegos

    60197 train issue

    Well, the train really didn't run non stop for 5 hours, it stopped at least once an hour to change batteries so it had a little time to cool down before running again.
  5. JohnsLegos

    60197 train issue

    Hi all! this past weekend I had my 60197 train running at a local train show where I live in Pennsylvania In the US. I ran the train with 6 cars that had Speed Champion cars on them. The train ran about 5 and a half hours on Saturday and when I started up on Sunday I used the batteries that I had pt in the afternoon before and when they were used up I changed them and that is where I ran into issues. After I changed the batteries I started to run the train and it did not get very far and it seemed to slow down awfully quick for a fresh set of batteries it made the other corner and slowed down again and I noticed the light flashing orange on the battery compartment like the batteries were dead. I took them out and put another set in and it did the same thing. I was able to get a hold of a volt meter and measured the voltage on the battery pack and even after running it just a short time the voltage had gone down a little but not down alot (like below 6 volts) as it read 8,86 which I think is good. I thought I would ask here before calling Lego directly and see what they say. Any ideas??
  6. JohnsLegos

    Looking for Minifigures

    I had an idea for something I am doing and am looking for some different minifigs and looked around Bricklink and could not find what I was looking for. I am looking for like US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine type figures. There is not an "armed forces" to click on but I saw different series in the first row and wonder if they are in there somewhere of if Lego never made these altogether. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. The only book with the kit was the one to make the little thing with the rubber looking tracks Will this software work with the newer versions of Windows like 7?
  8. I got a Mindstorms kit from a guy that delivers newspapers for the place I work for and knows I am into Legos. He works at a thrift store and I asked him to keep an eye out for me if any come in. I got this Mindstorms kit and went through the box and see that there is no cd-rom disc and am wondering if there is any way to download this from another site? And is this the only way to build other creations by having the disc. Thanks for any info.
  9. The part shown in the photo, would that work with the small motor in the opening photo?
  10. How about using a chain instead of the gears. The photo with the gears was just for a laugh....
  11. I am looking to do this at a train meet here in November (I am doing a n all Lego train with different Lego kits in the middle) and do not want the rotors to spin super fast. I just want to show that they rotate. Would 1 pf motor and some chain make them spin slower? And Milan, I was thinking of that too on securing the rear of the big copter down. If I move the gears as shown it pulls it down towards the baseplate a little bit.
  12. I had put this in another forum on this site but had no responses so I thought I would put it here to see if any one can help. I have these 2 Lego helicopters and want to make the rotors spin using the motor in the front. I put the "gear wall" up using 1x16 Technic beams to see if it would work just for a laugh but I am thinking in the chain direction. The copters are spaced far enough apart so the rotors do not hit and will be secured to the baseplate with bricks so they do not move around. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  13. I have the 2 helicopters shown in the photo and wold like to make the rotors spin but at a slow speed. I want to use the motor in the front and put the gears on the "wall" made of 1x16 Technic beams (the gears were put on just to see if it works or not.....). I have them where I want them and am thinking about using chain like on the copter on the left (the bigger one) and use soe gears to take the slack out of the chain if necessary. I also know I will need quite a few chain links (a hundred or more) for this. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  14. JohnsLegos

    Running a Lego train on a different track style

    Well, I took the Lego train to where I wanted to test it out BUT the track is 3 rail "O" and it didn't seem to sta on the track. One of the members of the club I belong to mentioned that it might run on a 2 rail "O" (which apparently has a different dimension rail to rail).
  15. I have the 60197 set and noticed the trucks on the engine are somewhat close to "O" scale track. I was wondering if the Lego train could run on a metal track without doing any damage especially to the flanges. Any thoughts on this?