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  1. JohnsLegos

    Looking to build a small model railroad

    Thanks for the info! I knew about the curved sections but did not know how many straights I needed. As for the straights, are they all the same length?? I nticed the track pack comes with a smaller piece of straight so I probably don't need any of these right? Thanks again.
  2. JohnsLegos

    Looking to build a small model railroad

    OK. I'm a little peeved at Lego right now because I put in a request to be emailed when the track packs came back into stock and apparently if you do not order within 30 seconds of getting the email you are not going to get any track. So I have come up to the conclusion that to get what I need, I might have to buy the track from someone on Bricklink. Now my problem is, the passenger train I want to run, the 60197, comes with some track 16 curved pieces and 4 straight pieces. I know I need 8 curved pieces to make the 2 half curves but how many and which track do I need?? There are different variations on Bricklink and I do not know the track voltage. Anyone??
  3. JohnsLegos

    Looking to build a small model railroad

    Well as for the nails going through the baseplates, I plan to pre-drill the plates before putting the nails in and also using a nail with a small head and using a punch to get it all the way down. Also, does anyone out there know how long the straight pieces are?? The Lego site tells you how many are in the set but gives no dimensions.
  4. JohnsLegos

    Looking to build a small model railroad

    I tried to freehand what it is I am trying to accomplish. This will give you a general idea....
  5. I am looking for some help with an idea I have. I want to build a somewhat small railroad using the 60197 Lego passenger train and the platform will sit in a corner on 2-6 foot tables. I know the train is on backorder but I am on the email list once it gets back in stock. The base for the railroad will be 1/2 inch thick cabinet grade lumber (good stuff) and I want to use the Lego 10700 green baseplates to anchor the track to. I want to cover the wood in baseplates so after doing the math the base will be 30" wide by 70" long so each board would need 21 baseplates each (for a total of 42) and I plan to use a very small headed nail (like a finishing nail) to hold them to the board. Now here is where I am running into a small issue. I plan to use the track that comes with the set and also have a request with Lego for one set of extra track (item number 60205) (which is also on backorder) and am wondering how many more of these track packs I might need. The train will just run on the outside of the layout and on the inside will be Lego kits I have been building over time. I might also order some trees and flowers from Bricklink to add a little to it just for fun. Also I plan to anchor the track to the baseplates with either 2 by 6 or 2 x 8 thin Lego pieces and on the corners use a Lego swivel (I've seen them on Bricklink but don't know the part number). Anyone??
  6. JohnsLegos

    Technic 42042 crane issue

    Ok, I took a few minutes to pull the side panels off and also was able to pull off a couple of other pieces to access the gear box. I moved the gears and everything seemed to move ok and the cable from the battery box to the motor was not stuck in anything. With it still apart I moved the switch on the battery box and it started to move the gears. Now you would usually move the switch to the far left or right but if you move it slightly back towards the off position it works so I am thinking there is something wrong with the switch in the battery box. So it is working now and if I want to show it to anyone I just have to remember to not move the switch all the way. Thanks to all that had suggestions.
  7. JohnsLegos

    Technic 42042 crane issue

    Once I get a few minutes to pull the side panels apart it will give me a better idea as to what is going on. As for the motor, it seems like it is doing nothing. When I turn on the battery box none of the gears in the gearbox rotate. I know is worked before but this is confusing. And if the wire got disconnected from the motor i'd like to know how because it is down in there.
  8. JohnsLegos

    Technic 42042 crane issue

    So basically if I pull the side panels off on the side opposite of the operators cab I should be able to see the motor right??
  9. Greetings, I am a "newbie" here so if this is not proper please let me know. I have a 42042 crawler crane and am having trouble with the motor working. The uni sits off of the floor on a shelf about 6 feet high and I don't mess with it much but the other day I took it to a Veterans Day brunch (I replaced the claw with a small US flag) and I could not get the motor to kick over. I know it is buried indite and is really inaccessible so I put in a fresh set of batteries and get a green light on the it but the motor still does not move. I also moved the clutches that operate the different functions to no avail. Also to note : the big gear box does not move at all.I contacted Lego directly to see if they have any ideas before I have to tear it apart. Any one out there have any ideas??