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  1. Pizzasemmel

    [ Lego IDEAS ] - The Medieval Farm

    Glad you liked it. The idea for the studs out wall was the seed for the whole project actually.
  2. The Medieval Farm Hello there, welcome to my humble farm. I'm a farmer in third generation on this piece of land, and it has allways provided well for our family. As long as our books records, we have been goat farmers. But a couple of years back, we needed to do some repairs on the house, so we decided to sell a couple. Can you imagine my surprise when I heard, what people were willing to pay for goats at the farmers market? I quickly returned home to fetch and sell them all. The profit easily was enough to pay for completly new farmhouse, with all the features I allways dreamt off, and some new lifestock too: A proper thatched roof with a stuffed heather ridge and hardwood holddowns Stables for our new lifestock under the same roof A drivethrough for bringing in crops and hay efficiently Generous hay stock A black kitchen with a central fireplace to heat the whole house Comfortable sleeping quarters A small garden next to the house for herbs and vegetables A good chimney with a smoking chamber Right now we have room for three people, a cow and her calve, a sheep and her lamb, two pigs and their piglets and a couple of chickens. Maybe, one day, I can honour the family tradition and get a goat once again...but that's whishfull thinking I guess. *Breaking character* You can support this on Lego IDEAS right now, I am glad about every vote, I really am :) Go team Goat! 2356 Pieces - it is pretty substantial for the part count, allthough it does use s a lot of bigger plates. 44 x 32 x 22cm excluding the well The removeable roof worked quite well in a prototype I built Feedback is highly appreciated.
  3. Oh this turned out great. I have excactly the same thing sitting in my "Got inspired, but never finished" pile of projects. Same scale, same colour scheme. So this is a great inspiration, for what it could like when finished. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Pizzasemmel

    Looking for ideas - brick build chain

    Thanks for your input so far Actually I would not mind technic. But it would turn out too big. My idea above is too big to begin with. But you are right, you could build a beautiful life size metallic chain with it! I just came up with this rigid tube core idea. It is still to big, but maybe if I find the right piece to stick to those brick modified I will get somewhere
  5. Hey guys, for a planed MOC of mine I am looking for ideas for a brick build chain. I don't know if this the correct forum for that, but hey, it say building techniques in the header :) At first I considered using regular lego chains but the scale would be too small and I could not realize the rest of the detail I wanted. Then I came up with this design. Thanks to the tolerances it is able to bend just enough for what I need. Even the chunkyness is spot on. But the scale turned out to be too big. The model would have been 80x80cm or something like that. So I was wondering if any of you have already build a chain or have a good idea just like that. My main constraints are: buildable in LBG can hold tension can bend at least a tiny bit I thought about using ingot pieces but didn't get it to work. I'm curious to hear your ideas, thanks in advance :)
  6. Pizzasemmel

    Good / well executed (city) helicopter features

    I just had a look, and I really like spring loaded stuff. Thanks for the mention. Yes, those big shooters seem to be way more fun than the regular small projectile shooters. From the overall feel they are very close to the old technic shooters with the rubber tipped arrows, which were great! Ohhh, I did not know about that yet. And the Winch neither! That is quite the find for me, thanks a lot. 60013 is the set, if somebody wants to look it up.
  7. Hey guys, I was recently building 60004 fire station and of course, it includes a helicopter. It is a city helicopter, so the rotor spins and the canopy opens. The list of features - understandably - ends there. That got me wondering. What functions do you remember in a (City) helicopter (I'll ignore technic for now), that are properly enjoyable? Of course swooshing it around is probably the most important one for kids, but you know, for science :-) For me, I really liked 60243 Police Helicopter Chase, the one with the magnet. It works so well and can be attached and detached whilst moving. I also like 31096, the creator twin rotor with the meshing rotors, it is just so satisfying to spin one and get your finger caught in the middle I'm curious what you think.
  8. Pizzasemmel

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    It is from a set of plans for a section model of the victory by the company COREL (labeled DM24) I came across them when sarching for reliable plans, over here I then added the frame for my illustrative purpose of course
  9. Pizzasemmel

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    I got mine from a specialized rope maker. In real model ship making you can get crazy specific about size, colour, turned left or right and he sells that all. And for a section model the prize isn't the issue. Well I had the whole mast 80% done when I realized I am getting to big. I tend to keep my MOCs around so I need to store or display it. I just don't have enought space for it. But maybe... one day... I'll build the complete section model, which would look pretty cool too in itself. The whole ship in this scale is too much for my taste.
  10. Hello flower friends, I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw images of the Lego Flower Bouquet (10280-1). My wife does not like cut flowers, since they don't last and you enjoy them longer when left outside. So, why not put some flowers on the table that don't wilt. Intrigued and inspired by the pretty simple techniques required, I decided to try and adapt them to build my wife some of her favourite flowers, sunflowers. I looked around and found no concept that I really liked. So I interated probably 10-15 versions in studio until i found the key part, Large Figure Armor Plate Small (28220) in yellow. Which has surpisingly good availability. Since sunflowers are kinda boring on their own I decided to replicate her bridal bouquet. After some crazy internal work I finished on this: I am really pleased how I managed to capture the thick, meaty appearanc of the base and the dwindly leaves around it, Biggest issue for me is the stem. There are not that many round parts in green or even dark green, and the technic components are a compromise. Here is a look inside. If you want to build them I can give you the file.
  11. Pizzasemmel

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    Glad you seem to like it Let's see... The model is ~1600 parts, 75cm wide and 50cm tall. Most of the time wasn't actually for designing the model itself but getting knowledgeable in rigging and understanding the workings of it all. Because there is so much contradicting information out there that was no easy task. After some time I realized you pretty much have to choose a certain set of plans and just stick to it. The more I understood, the more I was stuned by the engineering and the amount of forsight needed to build and sail those ships, it is just that impressive. Research was probably ~50-60h, studio 20h and the rigging another 20h over the course of 3 months. For rigging most of the work was the shrouds with their ratlines. That alone was three evenings worth of time. Most used part is the Plate, Round 1 x 2 with 2 Open Studs (35480) in tan with 160 pieces, followed closely by Slope 45 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout (92946) used 112 times in the mast. Yeah, that would be massive. I had the complete mast finished in studio allready, when I realized it would be nearly 2m tall. I then switched to the section model
  12. Pizzasemmel

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    Hello fellow ship lovers, (i know, you folk around here especially love unprotected merchant vessels, but do not fear, my section model will hunt down no pirate) here you can see my LEGO scale model of the main top of the british ship of the line HMS Victory. I don't think a history lesson is necessary here, so in short she was the THE flagship of the roayl navy during the age of sail. Still in service to this day (albeit only as a museum) ,256 years after her launch It shows the main top and main yard in 1:45 scale. The base does not represent the deck of the ship, actually only two thirds of the main mast are shown, so the deck is another 50% further down. The main top is ~30m above sealevel and the yard is 33m across, to give an reference to the scale of those things. The lower portion of the topmast is shown too, but no lines from above are routed down. Topgallant obviously not shown here. I had to omit many lines because I made it a section model. Mainly stays, backstays and all the lines from the higher sails. With some lines I had to take some creative freedom. For example the main yard brace (line going aft from the end of the yard ) should go further back way more. The rigging is done with proper scale modeler's string in 5 different varieties, ~40m of it in total. Enjoy :) Scope of the model
  13. Pizzasemmel

    [MOC] Aachen Cathedral

    It truely is a shame LEGO does not seem to see any wiggle room with their "no religious stuff" rule when it comes to architecture. This is as much a tomb ( Charlemagne ) as the Taj Mahal...too bad it is a cathedral as well
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I like the criteria with the axle and the beam being on both sides. Well, that sounds official to me :) For me part of the fun of mocing is being restricted by the same set of rules as most of us and trying to build the most accurate represantation / model of something within these rules. And not everything that is possible with Legos irl is also agreed upon to be legal. So since these "rules" are the communities interpretation of what TLG does and does not, and I was wondering about a certain edge case, I asked the community. That was the point of this thread. Have a nice weekend everybody
  15. Hey all, in one of my mocs I need an angled connection of 2-3°. This is one of the solutions I came up with, comes out at ~2,3° does not detect a collision, it goes together very smoothly in reality. Mathematically speaking it is 10,008 studs instead of 10. How illegal do you deam this?