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  1. Actually it just came out at Big W. Its says $16 on the shelf but after you scan it at the self serve register and hit "pay", it discounts to a price of $11.20. Also the figure comes inside the dvd case and some of the cases have a "minifigure included" picture on the front whereas others don't... so not sure if they all have one or not.
  2. Is there a discount on new stock at Toy Corner? Thought its usually just RRP? And pretty sure there was at least 1 service truck on the shelf... plenty of all the other sets though... I saw the motorbike transport today... I love the new designed motorbikes but the ute just looks so American and blocky.... as does the 4x4 that comes with the powerboat... just cant get into it..
  3. Wait no longer... pretty sure I saw the service truck at Big W both in Elizabeth (yesterday) and TTP (today) for $28! Go relieve yourself!
  4. They are in Kmart pretty much everywhere since around Thursday... these are the ones that are definitely confirmed to have them: TTP, Munno Para, Marion, Port Adelaide...
  5. If you're after a creator bike shop/cafe at Big W, try the Cumberland Park one. I got 2 there today for $68 each... there were around 9 left. They also had 8 seacows there for $328.
  6. I just got the Spiderman helicopter 76016 set from TRU for the advertised $32. It's tagged as $64 on the shelf but the person that served me said someone messed it up in the catalogue but they're still honouring it.
  7. I'm pretty sure it was $100... this was at TTP in Adelaide on Wednesday.
  8. It was sent out in this mailout yesterday afternoon:
  9. Buy 1 get 1 50% off this Saturday at Myer.. time to get some 2014 sets?
  10. Oh really? Bad news for you, but I saw the airport fire truck and logging truck at Big W in TTP on Friday (the shelves were pretty bare otherwise though)... but they are starting to hit here in Adelaide too now. :)
  11. Got an email from Myer... voucher for an additional 10% off either online or from Thursday in store!
  12. RRP is $40... so it's actually 30% off...
  13. That's pretty bad... I was just there on Sunday and they were fully stocked with all the new SW stuff... multiple Gunships, AT-TE's, the new starfighter... I guess the lack of staff there wouldn't have helped either... think only 1 girl for the whole toy department... I ended up getting a gunship and the Darth Maul set at TRU (with their 20% off), the gunship had the security wire alarm which digs into the box and the first Darth Maul set on the shelf had been opened and some of the inner bags had been stolen... I guess there's a downside to lego's popularity...
  14. Popped by Hollywood Plaza (in Adelaide) this morning and they had plenty of all the Hobbit sets... As a non-fan of LOTR/Hobbit, I just couldn't bring myself to buy any of it though despite the half price... don't think I could explain the dodgy mouldy looking house with the old bearded man and his four bearded kids to my young kids... I guess it gives the plentiful police force something to keep an eye on though... Similar story with the "wild wolves that chased some poor men up a burning tree" set and the "crazy fat naked guy that owns a sweat shop" set...
  15. According to Facebook, for a short time starting today, Toy Corner has 25% off everything.