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  1. The future seems nuts, for the upcoming NEW CMF series. The Unikitty, series 1, how many will there be? Just got 2 unopened boxes of these and a few random bags of these babies. You are NOT going to be feeling these to identify the character inside, nor weight it, nor are there bump codes or anything on the bags.
  2. I just had to find my account details from somewhere so I can log in for a moment to say thank You WhiteFang for the awesome review. At the moment the prices in Finland are 3,25-3,90eur/bag. The catalog has them listed for 3,95eur/bag. Luckily I still have a resource for my private use so I get them at 2,95eur/bag, but, a full euro more to the price compared to previous series is a bit harsh as I always tend to get 3 boxes.
  3. Dervish

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    If any of You guys have any info of a store to get these to Finland, let me know. Shop at home isn't good enough, I'm after 3 sealed boxes and the 300 euro prices per box on amazon and bricklink are way too high. Saturn, tru or br doesn't have them listed on the websites. German TRU has a banner advertising these, but not listed.
  4. Been a while since last update and trade but the list should now be accurate after doing a full inventory on my CMF stash. Added haves for series 2, 5 and movie and removed a bunch of wanted items. As a reminder/advertisement, located in Finland.
  5. Dervish

    The LEGO Movie Video Game Discussion

    Any tips where to score the cheapest special edition for PS4 or Xbox1 in Europe? has the special only for PC and PS3 :(
  6. Atleast the new Lego catalog in Finland has only the series 10 mentioned. Nothing about series 11 or further.
  7. Now just to wait BL or Amazons to stock up on these..
  8. Dervish

    Ps4 or XBox One?

    I can't answer the poll, as the answer "Both" is not included.
  9. Also avail. in Finland in the BR toys stores for 2.50 euros per.
  10. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    Not today, but a few days ago.. Monster FIghters 9467 Ghost train and 9468 Castle for total 120 eur brand spanking new. Really had a hard time leaving the Rancor pit with 46 eur price tag to the store..
  11. Have forgotten to mention I have updated my trades post with series 10 haves.
  12. Here ya go. Download to view it correctly, dropbox somehow fudges up the pdf if viewed on the site.
  13. Dervish

    Lego stores in finland

    Nope, there are no Lego stores in Helsinki, and in Finland at all. In at Helsinki is a quite small selection of lego. You should just head to the normal supermarkets for a better selections. Like Citymarket or Prisma. They have some individual items on sale every now and then, and they vary per store a LOT.
  14. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday I got 4x 5001121 from local BR 2,50 eur per fig, and cheapest on BL is 4,99 eur
  15. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    Got the Technic 42000 GP Racer, Fiends series 2 polybags 41020, 41021 and 41022. TRU had a -25% sale on _everything_ in the store yesterday.
  16. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    Yet another 9397 for 69,95 euros shipped. I just couldn't resist as having a -10eur voucher dropping it to 69,95..
  17. a big +1 for indigobox for a completed trade.
  18. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    5x 8684 CMF series 2 figure bags \o/ I have NO idea what they are, yet. Just had to get all of them in the store that had them :)
  19. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    I ordered from BrickLink... *sigh* 8421 and 8275, used, complete. I like being home on sickleave, but my bank account doesn't..
  20. I have now added a pile of series 9 minifigures to my trades post. All sealed!
  21. For series 9, this is the way they are distributed. Only 2 complete sets in a box. That's why I got 3 boxes and not 2 like usually.
  22. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    I got the Technic 8070, my second one, now I can have A and B models on display \o/ And also the Creator 7347 for 45 euros.
  23. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    9450 Ninjago for 67 euros and 9500 for 50 euros.. And a few more glass shelfs from Ikea to my lego display billys.
  24. Heres my 2 cents to this series 9 weights.. Also the "map" to the box contents. Seems like they have been randomized, atleast on these two boxes. They both were factory sealed when I got them so it's not like someone has been thru them and mixing them..
  25. Dervish

    What did you buy today?

    Not me, but my GF bought me my first Architecture series lego. 21006 The White House. I love it (and her).