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  1. Luigi08

    Pirate flag x376px4

    Thanks a lot for your help in this topic! Indeed you might be right - i just checked couple of offers of set 6290 (re-release) on and they seem to have flag with copyright symbol. It seems to me that this was the only set released with this type of flag. Looks like the rest of sets (including 6249, 6250, 6281) contains flag without copyright symbol. I also found a topic which describes some differences between 6289 and 6290 sets - please find it below if you are interested :) Thanks again!
  2. Luigi08

    Pirate flag x376px4

    Hello Faladrin, thanks for warm welcome :) I bougth both flags on bricklink and i am pretty sure about flag at the bottom - i had 6289 set Red Beard Runner so i could compare. However this flag was also used in reedition ship 6290 and three sets released only in USA (6249, 6250, 6281) - i have never seen those sets :( maybe flag used there was a bit different?Leg
  3. Luigi08

    Pirate flag x376px4

    Hello Everyone! Lego pirates from 90's was always my favourite lego theme and recently i decided to extend my collection from childhood :) Among others i bought 2 flags with id x376px4 on bricklink and i have doubts if one of them is original lego piece (Seller claims it is). Can you please share your opinion about this? Do you think the flag at the top of attached pictures is original? I hope this is the correct place to put this kind of topic? Thanks a lot for any opinion! :)