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  1. matt_ispdr

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Not in Australia..... you cant even get any of the specific parts online here anymore either ;-( Consider yourself the luckiest of the lucky!
  2. matt_ispdr

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Hiya All, I finally got 6 Lambo blades in and well... spray painted them black (ducks!) Just used a $2.99 can of cheapie paint (fiddly bits brand from Bunnings). They were really hard to get in Australia (no one had more than 2!) but since then I found a store that has 14, with special pricing on 2 lots of 6.{"itemID":189768} They also have all of the Sian panels and I noted an orange T !!! (but too pricey for me!) Hopefully some real black blades will be available soon, but in the mean time sprayed ones do the job for me!