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  1. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] Amtrak AEM-7

    With the striped Amfleet coaches as well. I should really build the whole train in real bricks.
  2. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] Amtrak AEM-7

    Hello Everyone! Ricky is back! Actually this AEM-7 engine I finished in 2020 together with the AmFleet Coach. [MOC] LEGO Amfleet I Coach - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums In other words, the AmFleet is not complete without an Engine, and the AEM-7 is definitely the most iconic one. The AEM-7 originated from the Swedish Class Rc4. It was far smaller than its predecessors, GG1 and E60. On its introduction it was the "smallest and lightest high horsepower locomotive in North America." Amtrak ordered the AEM-7 after the failure of the GE E60 locomotive. The first locomotives entered service in 1980 and were an immediate success, ending a decade of uncertainty on the Northeast Corridor. Shupp's Version: MOC: Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums Shupp has already done a perfect job with the AEM-7 and the Amfleet coach more 10 years back. It still looks pretty stunning from today's view. Mine is a different approach, especially with the tri-color stripe coating (instead of the silver-blue version). This version brings a lot of difficulties and limitation in terms of part picking for the body. It cost quite a lot of bricks. Bricks Count: 1708 pcs. Width: 9.6 studs (7.7 cm) Length: 50.1 studs (38.2 cm) Height: 29.6 studs (23.7 cm) Power: 2x PF L motors See other of my MOCs here ⬇ [MOC] SBB Re 460 locomotive - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1 - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums [MOC] REAL BRICKS - PRR class E44 - LEGO Train Tech - Eurobricks Forums
  3. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] SBB Re 460 locomotive

    An update after more than a year. This is probably the final version before building a real one. It now rocks a redesigned internal structure despite a similar appearance. It can theoretically go on standard curve track now. Powered by 2x PU XL motors (previously 2x PF L motors). Different door rail detailing. A redesigned (mostly internal) roof with a more refined pantograph slot. Better Interior. Totally 1700 pcs (bumped up more than 200 bricks, which I think it's the turn-able chassis with the side skirt that cost a lot)
  4. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] SBB Re 460 locomotive

    Thank you. Actually I built the IC2000 in LDD too in 2012. But it need to be redesigned too because it could hardly go on curves...
  5. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] SBB Re 460 locomotive

    The Re 460 (popularly known as the Lok 2000) series are modern four-axle electric locomotives of the Swiss Federal Railways. The series was introduced as part of the Rail 2000 project, a massive project to modernise and improve capacity on Switzerland's railways. While originally designed as a multipurpose locomotive, they are now used for passenger services only, often in conjunction with the IC 2000 double decker trains (often used to pull InterCity and InterRegio trains in German and French language areas). This one's such a phenominal engine. The first time I tried to MOC the Re 460 was back in 2006 when I first traveled to Switzerland. It was 6-stud-wide. Then in 2012 I made a 8-stud-wide version in LDD. I tried to build it in real bricks in around 2015, but only half finished. The renders here are my latest version in 2020. Bricks Count: 1481 pcs. Width: 8.4 studs (6.72 cm) Length: 50.1 studs (50.1 cm) Height: 19 studs (15.2 cm) See other of my MOCs here ⬇
  6. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO Amfleet I Coach

    Surprised to see one of the 2020 award-winning creation so similar with my Amfleet Here's my latest version Added the red lights in both ends, Changed the blue color, Added interior (5-stud width)
  7. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] REAL BRICKS - PRR class E44

    Thank you ! There are a lot of brick sellers on Taobao.com (Alibaba). Not as many types as on Bricklink especially some very old or rare parts. But my Paypal is dead so I can't buy bricks from Bricklink. Also many ChinaLUG members say they payed thousands of RMBs for "lessons" on Bricklink, which made me a little afraid.. Here's my bogie structure. ⬇⬇⬇ To run on curved tracks the middle axis of each bogie is not fixed. It should move left and right a little (0.5 studs). The whole bogie should be able to rotate some 24 degrees for curves. It can be very hard to adjust its wheel distance based on this structure. Maybe try add some details on the middle of its both ends should make it look better.
  8. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] REAL BRICKS - PRR class E44

    Thank you !! You mean this one? To be honest I really didn't consider this problem...I only got straight tracks in my hands...But thanks for the reminder. I'll try figure this out.... Low? You mean short in terms of height or length? I've spent a lot of time on the trucks, got 3 designs and abandoned 2 of them.
  9. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] REAL BRICKS - PRR class E44

    I'm opening a new topic for the completed work of my MOC PRR E44 locomotive Plenty of adjustments from the Stud.io model: The trucks are completely redesigned, using technic structure. The pantographs, windows, handrails and panels are also adjusted. RC receiver is moved to the short nose. Around 1350 bricks. Powered by 2x PF M-motors.
  10. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] Bombardier CP1961 (2020 Version) Diesel

    Amazing! Hope I can see it in real bricks one day.
  11. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class E44

    LOL I decided to get the 4873. So I'm buying bricks for this. Make it real!
  12. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] DSB IC3 (7-wide)

    Neat! Well done!
  13. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO Amfleet I Coach

    So is that blue a common color? If so it'll be great! And I'll surely build it in real bricks. Just hesitating which color to use for the grill parts, matt silver or gray.
  14. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class E44

    Great job! That's clever! What's the pantograph part by the way? I'm using 4873 but that one is so rare...
  15. RickyWasAYoungBoy

    [MOC] LEGO Amfleet I Coach

    Hardly, only 4 studs internal space. The curved walls are thick...