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  1. Has anyone ever seem MeyloStudS? He always makes speculations and calls them rumors lol Wth a wookie battlepack!? An ewok battlepack!? A venator?! Does he even have "sources"? And the home one?! Wth! He doesn't even talk about the set number!
  2. Well if they had bombs included they could include like 30 small bombs made by studs and have like 50 or 60 pieces for the bombs? Lol I don't think they'd do that but it's just a way to make the piece counts go up. It's just like how the geonosis troopers had like over 20 pieces of extra bullets, and they use stud shooters which take up 3 pieces each and some have handles on the back Like I said let's take it with a piece of salt, and see in the end whether it's actually true or not. Cus sometimes falsely accusing someone can be very unfair
  3. Also, just to change the topic sort of for now, I heard people say that there will be phase 2 Cody in Grievous's Starfighter because of the new Skywalker Saga videogame coming soon and that they needed phase 2 Cody on Utapau. I'm not sure if they'll just change phase 2 Cody to phase 1 Cody tho, but I'm leaning more towards no phase 2 Cody in Grievous's Starfighter.
  4. Guys guys guys chill. 7 months away is totally realistic. How can it not be!? January 2020 rumors came in february 11 months before the release date. April 2020 rumors came in august 2019 8 months before the release date. october 2019 rumors came in march, 7 months before the release date. And summer 2020 rumors came in februayr 2020, 6 monnths before the release date. Right now is totally realistic. Your point of the list revealing august or later seems a bit too late, cus august is 5 months away, which is a bit too late? As I said, for now I consider this rumor to be a 50/50 chance of being real. The leaker does sound VERY formal and they claim the information to come from their friends from the lego company. I'll probably give a 50/50 chance that this could be real. I mean the timing is totally accurate. 7 months away from the official release date seems reasonable since we've had times when rumors came out way earlier than the release dates. And the wave does seem quite mild so it could be true. Clone battlepack is totally possible, I mean how could it not be? Ahsoka vs maul is a duh for the duel set, although he did not say that it was 100% ahsoka vs maul. And the MTT was a recent rumor in the last weeks, which were also covered by quite a lot of youtubers. I say there's a high chance for this to be real because of one thing. That the person who wrote this mentioned the fact about lego's stock decreases and listening to fan-demanded sets more. That's the main reason why I sort of believe this. Anyways we shouldn't blindly say this is "fake" because of the mild sets, the timing 7 months away, and also because he did mention inner details about the lego company that any fake liar wouldn't be able to say. And yeah we should trust this for now, cus who knows maybe in the next few weeks everyone's gonna see this as a real list and regret what they all said? I mean, the V19 rumor turned out fake, the venator in 2019 by meylos studs was fake, the ucs super star destroyer in 2018 was fake, the canto bight police speeder in 2018 was also fake, the snoke's throme room description was fake since there was no cloth, and the 501st troopers also seemed fake and all leakers said that it was not true but turned out real. Also I did not believe in the april 2020 wave and thought that there would be like 3 more playsets. Let's for now "believe" in it, and in the next few weeks if there's more information that's compeltely opposite of it, then it's fake. If the new rumors aree similar ex: phase 1 clone battlepack, rebel troopers battlepack, at-te microfighter, ahsoka vs maul duel set, then we could believe in it. As of now it's the only source that seems trustworthy, so let's try to believe that it's real and then when more rumors drop we will be able to determine whether it's fake or real. Cus a I mean a cloen troopers battlepack isn't so crazy that it seems fake does it? It's totally normal. Cus the last COMPLETELY clones battlepack that was also CANON was from 2014. And it'll be a 7 years gap. 7 YEARS!
  5. Yep that one was a straight-away fake rumor list, although the 2021 rumors list sounds super real. the clone battlepack, the mtt, the ahsoka vs maul as the 2021 duel set. and the mandalorian set seems totally real with the new mandalorian season coming in october. and the big clone wars set could be a codename for the ucs gunship or an at-te? solid brix was speaking like his video was a rumors video, although it might have been his wishlist? I don't think you can change it?
  6. idk i believe they have a like 70% chance for being real because they are quite POPULAR rumors. the ahsoka vs maul, the mtt, the clone battlepack are all very popular rumors.
  7. solid brix studios!? he actually did fake rumors!? this was also a troll wave ?
  8. Is there a 2021 rumors chat? I mean, it could be real, we'll have to wait. Also he said it wasn't his own rumors it was from a sourcee? It could be the codename for the UCS gunship or it could be an AT-TE
  9. No it wasn't 100% confirmed AT-OT and dropship. Could also be an AT-TE or the codename for the UCS gunship
  10. waz

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think the most likely are: Duel on Mandalore Ahsoka vs Maul Duel on Geonosis Anakin Obi-wan vs Dooku Duel on Invisible Hnad Anakin Obi-wan vs Dooku Duel on Exogal: SSSUPPEER DOOPER OVERPOWERED REY vs Palpatine Qui-Gon vs Maul happened in 2017 Obi-wan vs Vader in ANH seems not likely to me since it would be a bit bland and boring as a duel set. Cloudcity Luke vs vader technically could be counted as the MBS cloudcity?
  11. waz

    Future Star Wars Sets

    What's the duel set in 2021?
  12. Hi mandrproductions!! The canto bight was also fake rumor Also the UCS super star destroyer in 2018 was fake. Venator rumor in 2019 by meylos studs was fake, and duel on exogal was fake although i think it was an educated guess by my idol mandr? Also guys check out was posted 11 hours ago on 2021 rumors. Whoa!
  13. Well that's nice, it seems like leaking is "illegal"? Anyways, rumors can be very inaccurate sometimes. Like the V19 in 2018, or Coleman Trebor in the jedi and clone battlepack. Fingers crossed we get a Cody. Because it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Why would they price the set at 80 dollars when we can buy a bigger ship the night buzzard for 70? Also if you look at the preliminary image, the middle minifigure which is the unknown one is also at the top right corner of the box being the sort of highlight minifigure of the set. Top 3 choices that rumors are saying are a 212th trooper, a magna guard, or Cody. Obviously to justify the price they would need a minifigure to draw the attention. Look at the overpriced A-Wing vs TIE advanced, there's an exclusive rebels vader and Tarkin. Grievous's speeder is overpriced but has an exclusive Mace Windu. The first order AT-ST has captain phasma. So obviously the set MUST have an exclusive minifigure to justify its rather super overpriced price. Well if the hints are: - Not Cody - Specific markings Then looking from these clues from what leakers say, then it means that leakers are telling us that it's just a normal 212th trooper. Because no one else fits in that scene. Only Cody, 212th trooper, or 212th airborne trooper. But if it's not Cody, then it has to be a normal 212th airborne trooper or a normal 212th trooper. If that is so then this set is blatantly another overpriced set. Sequel sets aren't bad (tie silencer, star destroyer, AT-M6, kylo ren shuttle), we've just had too much of them. Plus, the sequel trilogy was really fan hated, while the clone wars is loved by almost all fans. The lego group definitely isn't listening to us. Anywhere you go you're gonna hear fans like the clone wars the most. Plus, the clone wars has the best draw of minifigures. They could easily throw in an exclusive minifigure like vaughn or a jedi like shaak ti, etc, and then raise the price by 10 dollars.
  14. Just hope it's the duel set in 2021
  15. Sources backup by: stone wars (https://www.stonewars.de/lego-2020/), lego star wars 2020 set discussion page 175( Here to talk about some new information I've seen, these are backed up by trusted sources, and they are not my random speculations. 75290: LEGO Star Wars 2HY D2C (September 2020) 75279: Star Wars Adventure Calendar (311pcs, some sources tell me it's 30 dollars while others say it's 40 dollars, includes Ugly Sweater Darth Vader, Snowman GONK, Rey, Poe, Luke, Sith Trooper, Stormtrooper, Battle Droid, Porg, D-O) 31200: Sith Mosaic (most likely Vader) (3167pcs, $120 euros) Additional information: I found a very burry image of 75284 on google images although I am not sure if that is real or not. Note: I don't think that I have violated the rules. If I have I would like to know.