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  1. Stephen Provoost

    Volvo FH and EW 160 Play Set

    That worked! Thank you a lot!
  2. Stephen Provoost

    Volvo FH and EW 160 Play Set

    Where can I find a part list, I've searched in LDD, but I can't find where to do it. Thank you in advance, I really would like to make the model! Stephen
  3. Stephen Provoost

    Trailer suspension

    Thank you for the comments. I have not much time to build, so that's the reason why it took so long before I tried anything. Here is a picture of something I've tried. Thank you
  4. Stephen Provoost

    Trailer suspension

    Hello, I want to make a trailer for a truck to transport my Swingloader (designed bij D3K) or my New Holland excavator (gathering the pieces and must buy the instructions). I have seen some trailers from "2LegoOrNot2Lego" and I must say they are incredible. Now I have some questions: How does the suspension works, I've tried many times but I didn't succeed in making a good one. (example: Does anyone have some pictures or drawings for a detachable gooseneck? (like this trailer: Thank you in advance! Stephen
  5. Stephen Provoost

    Land-Rover Defender 110

    ordered. Looking forward to build it :)
  6. Stephen Provoost

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Thank you for the pictures. Stephen
  7. Stephen Provoost

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Hello, It is a very nice crane, i love grapple cranes :) I'm trying to make it grom your photos of I may? Can you take some photos of the piece where the yellow arm is connected to the black one? And also how the L motor fits the 2 la's :) Thank you very much :) Stephen
  8. Stephen Provoost

    Effe's MOC Corner

    very well done. Do you have a detailed photo of the grapple? Happy Newyear Stephen
  9. Stephen Provoost

    Happy Christmas fellow builders

    Merry Christmas everyone !!!!
  10. Stephen Provoost


    Thanks for the reactions. :) I will lift the bed by two studs to have more strenght. now it's only 1 stud to hang the trailer on the truck, and that's not strong enough. I will also try to make a new lifting mechanism. I also made a lowbedtrailer ( also not yet finished ). 5 axles (all steering) and 1 m-motor for lifting the ramp. New photo's will be posted.
  11. Stephen Provoost


    I made a dumptrailer (not yet finished) for the truck i've copied from Jaap. (Very nice truck btw). It uses 1 m-motor for the legs and 1 m-motor for the linear actuators. I must fix the lifting of the bed because it's a little bit heavy. hope you like it. Stephen
  12. Stephen Provoost

    Photos of your Technic collection / setup

    Here's my collection of lego technic sets. I have been collecting since two years. And here are my spare parts :) I think I have quite a lot of lego technic but i'm jealous of "Blakbird's" lego technic collection :) Grts Stephen
  13. Stephen Provoost

    [MOC] RC Feller-Buncher

    Well done :) The movements are very smooth. Your truck looks also very nice, do you have soms more closup pics? looking forward to your next MOC. grts Stephen
  14. Stephen Provoost

    Happy new year :)!

    Happy Newyear !!!! Stephen
  15. Stephen Provoost

    Small suspension

    i have ordered the pieces I need. I've been looking around on your brickshelf account, I must say it's very impressing :) Stephen