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  1. It is 99,99% done, need only to do a rubber corridor. The size does matter :) Here is a Model Team 5550 for reference size. And the return of the Jedi's:
  2. Just a quick photo, at weekend I make better pictures.
  3. Between 15 and 20 meters pipe have been used.
  4. Nearly end of the projekt: Need only to develop the rubber corridor. All attachment point is done for the corridor, the pneumatic functions work well.
  5. There is a shematic. 3 levels of tubing, with other functions. So not too complicated, but need to test a little bit :)
  6. Difficult only the first look. :)
  7. Here is the tubing between the front and the rear unit. Needed to create a flexible system, that can rotate, when the bus is steering. Can add "multi level tubing" name of this creation :)
  8. I'm in the finish line. All bodywork is ready, only need to finish the difficult tubing. I'm ready with the 1/4 of the tubing, I think. My plan is to finish in this year :)
  9. Under the "hood" I have started the tubing
  10. I know, need a better camera, but here are the pictures about the middle section. On the roof, there are stabilizer arms, such as in the real world :) It is only visual effect, but behave as the real Next step to install all of the pneumatic tubes, I hate it :(
  11. The structure of middle section is almost done, Tomorrow I take pictures. The rubber corridor is the most difficult: I could work with only lego pieces, but it would not realistic. I choose other way, I will use black hard papers, and do some origami. It will be fine, such as the real :)
  12. Maybe close enough, but always need to order other parts too. Usually I chose interesting, and rare colors :)
  13. I have 2 spare Arocs set, so it is possible to use this shield. But, what do you think about a red remote controlled ikarus trolleybus? It is other big plan. 14 function, with 7 function switch with at least 8 motor. It is other big plan :) Don't link any picture, it will be surprise later. :)
  14. One of my next projects is a full remote controlled Capacity Bus :) Size is a problem. This articulated ikarus is 1 meter long, Capacity with 4 axle will be bigger :S So it is a huge project.