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  1. I have done the 4 doors, and the windows. The outfit is great. I will do pictures later.
  2. I was in trouble, because I needed to use white 2length technic connectors to the windows, and doors. But Lego never made it in white color. So I have bought 100 pieces from this: The item is very rare, and very expensive. I have bought 100 pieces for 30EUR. Nowadays it costs on bricklink 1-2EUR/pcs So, project is go on. My plan was, I make black window frames into the doors, but in the earlier model it was not the best choice. I used this to install the frame, but the centre of this is larger, than any simple technic connector: There was more friction, and sometimes cannot open the doors, get stucked. Maybe i use doors without black frames :( Yes, it is very huge :)
  3. I have did a first version of a working articulated unit. It is a little part of the whole unit, but it works. Need a little developing, but it can be good. (Sorry the bad quality)
  4. Thank you guys. I will inform you, if I have developed any new things. :)
  5. Yes, I need the flexible corridor. The maximum turning angle is about 60 degree.
  6. I need to develop a working articulated unit. Do you know anybody, who have ever made a working articulated unit? I need only the outer body, that is flexible and can follow the 3axle motion. If i need develop a new one, i think can make it with a lot of rubber liftarm 1x2 technic elements.
  7. I'm happy, that lot of people follow my project. Nowdays I don't have lot of free time, but I will end this project within 1-2 months.
  8. Later, I will build a full PF articulated bus, a trolleybus in red color :)
  9. The compressor unit. One is in the front of the bus, one is in the rear: (there is an "M" motor behind this unit) The entire bus:
  10. Needed to do some painting on the curved panels to do the correct colour scheme:
  11. Rising, lowering is not able on the real vehichles, these are my own ideas.
  12. I work on a bed, but this bed is just so little, maybe need for looking a new workplace :) On the curved panels need to do some paint job later. The black stripe is very good, I like it. Bus is 129stud, ~1 meter long.