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  1. My bad! I was going off of it’s title here https://www.promobricks.de/lego-star-wars-2020-bilder-infos/89029
  2. I’m not quite so sure—it’s called the “First Order Trooper Battlepack,” after all. They may have called it the “Sith Trooper Battlepack,” if that were the case.
  3. IIRC The Mandalorian came in an AT-ST from the most recent wave—so he wouldn’t be an exclusive to the Razor Crest per se. Still unlikely that they’d throw him in a battle pack. We can hope.
  4. Indeed it is—the premier definitely exceeded my expectations! Imo the razor crest should be priced ~$110.
  5. Is it just me or are Tie Fighters always overpriced compared to their rebel fighter counterparts. The upcoming X-Wing is $10 more than the Tie Dagger, and comes with nearly double the piece count
  6. Perhaps either with the X-Wing or in one of the April sets. Do we have confirmation that a third KOR is coming?
  7. I predict the yet-undisclosed minifigure for the Tie Dagger is going to be either a Sith Jet Trooper or a slightly redesigned officer. The figure that isn’t included with the Tie will be put in the Battle Pack—alongside 1x FO Stormtrooper and 2x Sith Troopers.