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    CMF Monster Set & Rock Band Set

    Cheers for the set number, do you know the one for monster one?
  2. Bricksan

    CMF Monster Set & Rock Band Set

    Yes the rock band includes the drum set, speakers and guitar. The Monster set includes, spider, snake, bat and the parts to make a tombstone/grave. All theses sets come with pieces to build other stuff not just the minifigs ;)
  3. There is one already and it's made by someone who worked on the real one -->
  4. I would pick something that I know would be a valued part of my collection so would go with the Black Seas Barracuda as it was my favourite childhood set.
  5. Bricksan

    MOC: UK Low-floor bus

    These look cool and I seem them everyday, will you be building these?
  6. 1.castor-troy - 1 4.gotoandlego - 2 5.allansminth - 1 21.domino39 - 1
  7. 1- AllanSmith - 1 16- Sid sidious - 2 24- Bernd -2
  8. Bricksan

    Ninjago 2012

    If anyone is wanting to win one of two the new Samurai Mech and loads more Ninjago goodies then check out this competition (open worldwide):
  9. Bricksan

    Pirate Featurette

    you are right I did miss it, I also missed the Pirate games. I am going to edit my last post to include these.
  10. Bricksan

    2012 City sets

    Set 4473 first image thanks to Argos: 4473 City Helicopter News:
  11. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Thanks, the biggest and best part of this section of my layout should be done soon and the building is 3000+ pieces so well worth the wait.
  12. Bricksan

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    You are the man Grogall, that set looks awesome
  13. This game back in 1991 was aimed at boys aged between 12-16 and I played when I was in this age range and the violence can come under cartoon violence seen as that what it was but on a game instead of a tv show.
  14. Bricksan

    Lego City Project - Update Oct 2012

    Layout Hey sorry it's been close to two months but progress on my City Project is coming along well, the CoastguardHQ is 50% complete and is what is keeping me quiet and you will see the results of that building once it is completed. However since my last update in June, i have done a lot of work and added a fair bit: Here is an overview of progress so far: You will see the following additions to the layout out, the beach minifigure set, paving on the streets are done, the marina entrance complete with ramp, barriers and security hut added. Also the first wave of minifigs has been added as well as Jetski's, the BBQ street vendor and more. Here is another view, you can see the transparent blue 1x1 plates that have been added so far, over 700 of the little things are on there but still a fair few to go: A close up of the hire hut and jet skies, one is the polybag, the red one if from the Police boat and the black one is a modified batman jetski: You can see the shore line and my first few minifigures on the beach: Here is a better view of the beach, you will notice the entrance and changing rooms have moved, this was to incorporate the bbq stand better, also added was the phone booth from another City set, plus the paving is done as well: I have added more minifigures to the cafe: The security hut that is based on the new one from the City garage and the old one from the harbour set, complete with security windows: More in depth details can be found on my site, questions and feedback welcome:
  15. The link is still not working
  16. Bright Bricks are at it again this time in conjunction with Rolls Royce. Yesterday at the Farnborough International Airshow they revealed the world’s first jet engine to be made entirely of Lego. . The engine, which is one of the most complex Lego structures ever built, is a half size replica of the Rolls-RoyceTrent 1000 which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The one of a kind Lego structure shows the complex inner workings of a jet engine and took four people eight weeks to complete. Including 152,455 Lego bricks, the engine weighs 307 kg and is over 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Over 160 separate engine components were built and joined together in order to replicate a real jet engine. Everything from the large fan blades which suck air into the engine down to the combustion chambers where fuel is burned, had to be analysed and replicated using the world famous building blocks. Images and video here:
  17. Bricksan

    Discussion: Modular Skylines

    It is not something that I think about as no two buildings are the same. Currently I have started phase two of my project and it features the building that is going to be taller as it requires more floors but based on LDD designs it will fit in nice with it's surroundings.
  18. Bricksan

    Modular Madness: London Row Houses - CR#3

    I like the design but not the colours, I would have to swap to a tan or gray.
  19. Bricksan

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I want a swimmer double for my beach but that is it. Also don't forget I am giving away a full set on my site for those interested.
  20. Bricksan

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    If anyone is interested I am giving away a full set of team GB minifigs in this months competition on my site: and it is open to anyone worldwide.
  21. Bricksan

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Yep that is from my flickr account and both that and Bag end are on the site now :)
  22. Updated mine with Team GB minifigs I have to swap:
  23. Bricksan

    Wanted: GB Olympic Minifigs.

    I have a Team GB tennis player, the packet it is opened but not removed happy to sell or trade with anyone. PM if interested.
  24. Oh what you do is find someone willing to buy it for you via bricklink and then they ship it to you?
  25. Bricksan

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I managed to bag 8 of the 9 today I mistook a boxer for the horse rider so now have a spare.