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  1. BricksandPieces

    Am I any good

    Hi I have played with and built lego for as long as I can remember and love it. I typically try and buy 1 set a week when I get paid so thought I would try my hand at youtube speed builds. It's my first attempt at YouTube and was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback good or bad to see how I'm doing lol. I know people will ask why I'm wearing gloves in my video it's because I work in renovations so my hands are battered with cuts and bruises daily so not very photogenic lol. Any feedback would be great and if you like it enough maybe subscribe and see what I build each week? Obviously if this breaks any rules feel free to take it down I won't be offended just trying to entertain lego fans :)
  2. BricksandPieces


    I've only just started really and my first is the lego Batmobile pursuit of the Joker. I think I'm going to just do the new sets as they come out and do a bit of everything
  3. BricksandPieces


    Hey I'm Simon I'm 37 from Essex uk and have been building lego for as long as I can remember. Recently started a YouTube channel for lego speed builds etc so hopefully get involved on her alot more