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  1. guachi

    [REVIEW] 10264 - Corner Garage

    Jo is a girl's name. The owner is the female mechanic, not the male mechanic. Jo was a top 100 name for American girls from 1933 to 1958. It was never a top 1000 name for males in the United States ever. If you are not American, the fact that "Jo" is a girl's name isn't something I'd expect one to know.
  2. guachi

    LEGO Ideas - Steamboat Willie

    Probably the most disappointing Ideas set out there. I liked the small size and simplicity of the original. The final product just seems bloated and over priced.
  3. What it means is you'll get Fox content locked behind Disney's new Disney+ streaming service. Fox releases inexpensive catalog titles ($15-20 in 4k) and Disney releases far fewer titles, only their biggest titles, and they are expensive ($30). If you like movies and TV shows, you won't like what Disney will do with them.