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  1. TheBadger1979

    Red 12v motor

    That's great cheers, that would explain it
  2. TheBadger1979

    Red 12v motor

    I tried to post this in the buy and sell section but can't for some reason, does anyone out there in the UK have a working red 12v train motor they might want to sell?
  3. TheBadger1979

    12v train remotes and point motors issue

    Thanks for the reply, the remote switch is the one included in this set
  4. I have a remote switch for the remote controlled signal and the connectors ofthe wires that go into it don't push in all the way. When I looked the centrehole in the switch it isn't as deep as the other switches I have which isstopping the centre post going all the way in. Is this normal? Should the wirehave a different connector on the end? Can you drill the centre hole to makeit deeper? I also have at least one point motor that has the same issue. Anyhelp would be great.