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  1. 4020

    Physical bricklink shops

    Sadly that we are banned currently from traveling...
  2. 4020

    Lego Shop in Prague

    Hi Did you compare the price to the German Shops? Normally everything is cheaper in Germany. Lg
  3. 4020

    Physical bricklink shops

    Please note the Lego Shops are every expencive. There are many other local Shops who offer from time to time the Lego Set for cheaper Price.
  4. LOL German Bridges are rotten and crap nower days and what he did is just Makeup think.
  5. 4020

    Anyone from Vienna want to hang out?

    I live here! Next time you come here let me know. LG
  6. 4020

    [MOC] Vossloh Euro 4000 - Takargo 6000

    Did you ever took it? This are much more comfortable: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/PKP-Baureihe_ED250
  7. 4020

    [MOC] Vossloh Euro 4000 - Takargo 6000

    Today I Build "Paris" and there was some Red Bricks inside with the different Red shades.
  8. 4020

    [MOC] Vossloh Euro 4000 - Takargo 6000

  9. 4020

    Source for cheap Trains?

    ?! The Source is a big Austrian Company.
  10. 4020

    [MOC] Vossloh Euro 4000 - Takargo 6000

    wow with the Colour is possible to build an Railjet: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railjet#/media/Datei:ÖBB_Railjet_1116-236_on_Krauselklause-Viaduct.jpg
  11. 4020

    Source for cheap Trains?

    Yes its the Online Shop from the Austrian Post: https://www.shoepping.at/p/00006OPH9?m=0000AO2R4 The give 20€ off Today. And the Store who shipp it is also legitimated.
  12. WOW! I would prefare the good old CNL if I would be from Swiss.
  13. Hi I looking for the best offer for the LEGO® CITY Personenzug 60197. Is there any good an serious Shop for? I found them for 80€ with shipping to Austria. Thanks
  14. 4020

    White backrounds for photos.

    for my ebay stuff I use a cheap "one use" table tinks who are thicker Paper Material.
  15. 4020

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    Does aonyone here the Train at home? I like the Lego trains since the 90is. I found some seller who sell it for 95€ + Shipping on Ebay (who I get some Cashback). Is it worth or better to wait? Some German TV Show claim to make a research and the found out that Lego in general during the Christmas Time was cheaper than after. Sure nobody can turn the Time back. So? Buy them now?