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  1. MB Scale Models

    85mtr AHTS ship

    you know what you are doing LOL
  2. nice work! Never saw a camera moc before :D I think youre kinda of a pioneer
  3. omg this is sooo coool, i remember watching this on TV when i was a Little kid =))). Mathilda was my favourite robot! Great work!!
  4. Hey Milan, thx for your Kind words! Yes exactly it was known as Firgelli. I watched your creation back then when you released it on YouTube. A huge thing!! Thank you! =) Yes absolutely! the models need a soul!
  5. Hello, my name is Mathias and I am currently working on a Liebherr LTC 1050.3 (Mediaco design). The MOC is already about 80% finished (still a lot of details missing). Currently I am working on the decals. I "redraw" the decals with Inkscape. The biggest challenge is to hide all the motors and other power-function components into the relatively small model. Following motors / actuares are attached. 1x servo (steering) 1x l-motor (spin wheels) 1x m-motor (turn superstructure) 1x m-motor (winch) 1x m-motor (Extension) 1x l-motor (Lifting cabine) 1x linear actuator https://www.actuonix.com/L12-EV3-100mm-p/l12-ev3-100.htm (not LEGO) 1x power function 8878 (power supply) 4x IR receiver 8884