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    Mainly MOCing - I specialize in modern and medievil buildings, brick-built animals and landscaping scenes.


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  1. TheKingOfBuilding

    Summer Of Friends Building Contest - Voting - Category 1 Vehicles

    5. ZetoVince - 1 8. Hammerstein NWC - 2 9. Oky - 2
  2. TheKingOfBuilding

    SoF: Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck

    V-LV-49F A vehicle category in the Friends contest? How could I resist? I decided to build something a bit bigger than my normal Lego cars, so a monster truck was a natural idea. To make Stephanie's monster truck a little more exciting, I included some power functions motors and an IR receiver to make remote control. It was harder than I thought though, to get the right amount of power to drive the heavy brick-built wheels, that and the steering was a right pain in the megablocks to get right, I'm still not entirely happy with it. Anyway, lets see some of the details (and a video) of Stephanie's Not-So-Friendly Motorized Monster Truck! Here you can see the V8 petrol Petal engine and the lights, powered by two light bricks at the back. The Monster Truck has a hinged hood to access the engine and a removable roof to see the interior with space for two minidolls. At the rear are some flower lights, which double as buttons for the light bricks that power the front lights, a protective roll cage and some exposed wires. It appears that Stephanie prefers her monster truck to her convertible... And finally click here to see a video of Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck doing what it does best! I hope you enjoyed viewing my entry to the Summer Of Friends contest and I'm interested to see all the other category 1 entries!
  3. TheKingOfBuilding

    MOCs: 11 Different 6 & 7 wide cars

    V-LV-44F to V-LV-45E, V-LV-48E to V-LV-49B, & V-LC-19D Hello and today i'd like to share my most recent Lego cars. I've built the cars over a course of time but just didn't get round to posting them on Eurobricks. So, in no particular order, the first car is... 1) Ariel Atom I've always loved the exoskeletal design of the Ariel Atom, so I thought it would be a nice challenge to build one in the brick. The solution to the exposed chassis I came up with uses some flex tube and minifigure hands painted in silver. Why silver and not light bley like the rest of the chassis, I hear you ask? Have you seen the prices of light bley minifigure hands on Bricklink? £1.00 each, no way, especially since the Atom uses ten of them. Now you might or might not have noticed that my Atom is a one seater while the real one is a two seater car, but I thought the car looked too "fat" with two seats, and besides, you never see Ariel Atoms with a driver and a passenger. It even comes complete with a L@go lookalike! 2 & 3) Bathurst Ford Falcon XB and Holden L34 Torana A 7-wide duo from the 1976 Bathurst race! The great colour schemes made me want to build this pair. I used a standard 7-wide car wheel base inspired by those of ER0L's, and started by building the front first down to the back of the car, my prefered style of Lego car building. I also spray painted the wheel hubs for a cool look. 4) Rolls Royce Phantom - Goldfinger The golden roller from one of the first Bond films. This was my first attempt at a vintage car, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. My Rolls-Royce Phantom III can fit two minifigs, Mr Goldfinger and Oddjob his driver, has a 2x4 luggage space at the back and is the roughly the same height and length as all of my other cars. Unfortunately no gold comes from smelting the doors. 5) The Ice Cream Van Nothing impressive compared to some of the ice cream vans on Eurobricks but it was still fun mosaicing the sides with ice cream logos. I mainly built it for my ice cream cone design I came up with using the Power Miners drill piece. 6 & 7) Lotus Cosworth 49's Another dynamic duo, the classic Lotus Cosworth 49's. I made the green one first and the red one after, as I thought they would look nice together. I connected the body using a load of 1x1 bricks with studs on all sides, leaving a space just about perfect for a minifigure. Only after all of the photo editing did I realise they didn't race in 1949, but the 1960's so please ignore the text on the photo. 8) Ford Mustang 69' I had to build one of my favourite muscle cars, and I couldn't be happier with the result! This was my second 7-wide car (the first was my Ecto-1) and it can seat two minifigures comfortably, which is my main atraction to building 7-wide cars. The relatively new mudguards perectly suit those on the real Mustang, in my opinion. 9) Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Not one of the most famous Rolls Royce's, but still a very intresting car. I built this using a fair bit of SNOT to achieve the curves of the Silver Cloud. I think the dark red + dark tan combo worked out really well. 10 & 11) Tyrell P34 and Ferarri 312T I hope the last two cars do not dissapoint. The inspiration for building the famous 6-wheeled Tyrell came from an old Tamiya kit I found up the attic. Of course the Tyrell needed a worthy opponent so I built a Ferrari 312T to race with it! Thats all for now and as always, comments and suggestions for improvent are welcome! You can view all of the photos much bigger in my Flickr set!
  4. TheKingOfBuilding

    Wow ~~~~ I see an alien ! =(*o*)=

    Amazing sculpture, you've captured the shape of a cat beautifully! The amount of planning you do sure pays off!
  5. TheKingOfBuilding

    Golden Whale

    Excellent ship with great details, Morthen! The only thing that I think could be improved are the gears on the sides of the ship. I managed to overcome that problem on my ship with motorized cannons by using some worm gears on 1x4 tooth plates, hidden in the middle of the ship. (Here's the video of it)
  6. TheKingOfBuilding

    MOC: Nemo

    I see why you won! Fantastic job on recreating Nemo using just bricks and plates, he's instantly reconisible!
  7. TheKingOfBuilding

    LEGO ReBrick is up&running

    I thought the Inside Tour Exclusive set was supposed to be Inside Tour exclusive? If I went on the Lego Inside Tour this year I would be a bit annoyed that after paying thousands of pounds to participate in the tour, the main highlight was given away for free in a online contest.
  8. TheKingOfBuilding

    Modular lighting kit

    In my opinion its much more fun to make your own lighting for sets and buildings, and you can get some cheap soldering equipment to make it with. I just don't think $52 (not even including the additional bricks required) is worth it.
  9. TheKingOfBuilding

    Questions and Concerns for TLG

    Some serious quality issues, check out this article on Brickset
  10. TheKingOfBuilding

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Very fun topic! Heres my sort of long Super Chief:
  11. Its the same with both sets and MOCs; when I need a certain piece then I just take it out of the model. The trouble is after a while i'm left with dozens of half-deconstructed models full of pieces that I don't need!
  12. TheKingOfBuilding

    Modular Madness: Ollivander's mens clothes

    Great job on turning a open backed shop into a modular building! I espescially like how you did the clothes hangers.
  13. TheKingOfBuilding

    The Heli-Car

    I was playing around with ideas for a spy car and I came up with the Heli-Car. The Heli-Car has a fold away pair of rotors that can transform it from a unsuspecting car driving in a city to a small helecopter flying in the sky!
  14. TheKingOfBuilding

    10228 Haunted House

    So, the vampyre couple has moved house? Absolutely fantastic set! I love the zombie heads used as decorations on the front Plus, with the additional heads we can make our own zombies!