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  1. Hello!!!Here you can sent your creations inspired by the lego elves theme or a change in yours sets!Have fun!!!
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    Lego Elves Creations

    I'd love to see your creations
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    Lego Elves Creations

    Oh,thank you so much!!!
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    Lego Elves Creations

    Lego elves since 2015 inspires me to create beautiful lego buildings like castles,treehouses and small but intresting villages!!!Here you can sent your photos of your creations like these above!!!
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    LEGO Elves 2018

    2019 brickipedia just sent some new titles for the new sets!!!!! 40197Aira Skyship No image 40198 Farran Nature mech No image 40199 NaidaSubmarine 40200 [[40200 Azari Volcano Battle 40|Azari Volcano Battle 40]] / No image 40201 The Elemental Showodwn No image 40202 Battle on earth No image 40203 The wizard lair