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  1. Having converted the costs to SEK the prices for all except the Porsche seem accurate considering the sizes of the sets. Still can't believe the Porsche is that expensive though. Edit That being that they are the recommended prices. Actual prices for store worth buying from will be lower and of course the actual prices will also differ slightly due to regions. I'm not really saying anything new am i?
  2. Yes and considering the starting size of this set, the word ultimate will be very accurate. While it's easy for me that have them to say that more wouldn't be missed, when you are talking about those kinds of motors then they are really only good for RC and have no real use for other arrangements. And if that is what you want then i for one think it would be better to just use regular RC motors and electronics and find some 3d-printed parts to mount it to Lego. Nothing good will come from another RC Lego set that will not be RC enough compared to non Lego RC and just have motors that are to big and fast for most gear trains. Plus the safety concerns of having such a fast spinning motor. It's been a while since i used mine but i do remember not wanting my fingers anywhere near what was spinning. Just the though of gears breaking about in such high speeds. That being said, as been stated earlier, the BWE sure could use at least one more motor in the base to offset those long axles. But i guess it's a budget issue or perhaps to keep complexity down. It would be harder to route 2 motors to one BB.
  3. I had to do a search for bulk ship loader and here is what i found. Link for more info. If that is what you mean then the BWE would be a great starting point.
  4. Discount bin? That sounds like it would be cheaper to buy. And that is a bad thing how exactly? For buyers that is. And i don't think TLG will fold over that set not selling well so i do hope for a quick price drop. I probably wont buy it until later this year or beginning of next anyway.
  5. EyesOnly

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Yes i know that the set doesn't have a BB normally. I mean that in one of the videos i is said that the pneumatics are PF upgradeable which would point to a compressor pump being included.
  6. EyesOnly

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Am i the only one hoping it will be yellow? Then again unless it has a really nice B-model i wont be getting it but still it would be nice to look at.
  7. EyesOnly

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    And now this just became the third set in the order i saw them that have a more impressive second model than the first. So far that excludes the IP-car which might not even have a B-model. This will be one expensive year. Also i too think that a compressor is includes in the set just like 8049.
  8. EyesOnly

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Looking at the linkages i'm starting to think that the paddles are used to pop open the doors. If so the change over cache would be part of that keeps the door closed. Anyway when will we know for sure what the model will look like, and please don't say august?
  9. Me too. Oh if only i could afford that. And this marks the second set, the first being the Claas, where i'm more impressed by the B-model than the A-model.
  10. Well in that case i sure hope the steering works better than the Unimog. Remember how hard it was to turn due to the weight of the model and how the steering was built. It could be fixed but i never did that. I really don't see how you could redesign this steering though with 3 modes that must work. Also the plow sure looks way less clunky than the crane. It is as if the parts needed to make both just wouldn't work well for a crane. Well i don't care since now we do have another set with attachment points that will be really nice and playable. Also i can't stress this enough: those awesome tires. I for one will not wanna look those up on bricklink after this set is out.
  11. When looking at the english page i see front swing axle mentioned under Machine equipment. Yet at the left is does indeed say Front axle suspension: no. So what gives? I did i search for front swing axle and can't really decide on the results. Here is wikipedia on swing axles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_axle. But the tractor doesn't have suspension so maybe it's optional?
  12. Ouch i really hope no one was in that dozer as it got picked up. But that has given me some ideas on how to scrap a few of my smaller sets like that digger pictured.
  13. Yeah the turn radius looks to be huge.I wonder why the wheels don't turn more. Is it to enable all the modes of steering?
  14. This would make a great GBC. It is probably not a good idea to run sand through it but if i had it i would be temped to try. Gravel might work though if the pieces are big enough. Wow at that price it sure is worth it.
  15. For my wallets sake i'm trying not to. BTW as far as Tatras go i think the tires would be better on a Agrotruck which is 6x6 so slightly cheaper.