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  1. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    One of the mystery figs has to be a player figure, and the other is probably a player as well. The fact they weren't identified means they're probably not something easily recognizable, which would rule out most things other than custom skins.
  2. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    Pirate ship - I doubt this is gonna offer any surprises. I expect a smaller version of the previous ship. Maybe there'll be a new parrot color, it's surprising that there's only been one released in all this time. Blossom Garden - If it doesn't have the sniffer, I'll eat my shoe. Wolf Outpost - Wolf shaped house? I dunno. Badlands Exploration - Since this wave is likely to include the new camel piece, this set seems like the best possibility. I'd say that it might include some trail ruins, but badlands are among the biomes which don't have the structure. Windmill Adventure - Could potentially include a field of tulips? Don't have many guesses beyond that. Ender Dragon vs End Ship - Self explanatory.
  3. From the couple of blurry images available of the kid (who I believe is named Neel?), he looks pretty different from Rebo, different enough that it might be weird to use the same head mold for both. The species usually has a bit of a "worm on a string" facial structure, while Neel has wide cheeks that kinda make him look like the Max Rebo funko pop.
  4. Not likely candidates at all, but there's rathtars, Ice spiders, those big space squids in the Kessel run... uhh... something else probably...
  5. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    That's not a tuff golem, that's the cobble golem from legends. That skeleton is also a villager skeleton (hence the nose) from legends. I must say the first few reveals had be worried but I like the rest of the wave. I'll be picking up several of these. Disappointing the desert set has no sign of archeology, but it's good otherwise. Should be easy enough to modify the baby camel into an adult. The new campfire is a better attempt than their previous, which was just a regular fire piece on a brown plate. The wacky face expressions for Alex and Steve are kinda stupid though. I just noticed they've made new head molds for the legends minifigures to replicate the weird rounded edge on the top of their heads. That's disappointing, it makes them look worse and means they don't integrate with regular Minecraft sets.
  6. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    Really wish the end ship was by itself. Unless it's a really good build due to the 18+ label, I'm not interested in another dragon.
  7. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    The trees have looked the same since they were first revealed to the public. And past set releases would indicate they don't normally start making stuff before the updates are complete.
  8. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    Sanctuary also includes one of the new default skins. It's a shame they chose a terrible shade of purple for the hair color, I would have liked that figure. Hoping these two sets aren't an indicator for the quality of the rest of the wave. Edit 1: Oh hey, you can see an image of the turtle house in the last picture of the Animal Sanctuary page! It's about what you'd expect. Only interesting details I can glean are a bamboo raft and baby turtles. Looks like the babies are tiles on green rollerskates, that's pretty clever. Edit 2: I should have known to check the other set images to see the fourth set. Looks like they redesigned the hoglin, I think I prefer the old one. Sure, the color was a little off, but the tusk design was better. These tusks look too fat.
  9. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    The Legends creature designs aren't my favorite, I doubt I'll have much interest in that subtheme but maybe Lego will surprise me and they'll look better than the ingame models. I yearn for more Dungeons sets. Animal sanctuary is the best bet for cherry trees. Turtle beach might have a bamboo raft. I don't have any other good guesses.
  10. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    It looks like there's a new sitting variant of cat. Wonder if it's a new mold or if it's just achieved with bricks. Pink, gold, blue, and cyan. Unless I'm missing something we still need one more: brown.
  11. Snake Slime

    Lego Avatar 2022/3 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lucky I saved the pics while it was up. You know, as I looked at the figures I wondered to myself "what do the alternate faces look like?" Then my brain turned back on.
  12. Snake Slime

    Lego Minecraft 2021- Rumours and Discussions

    I saw a potential list of names for the sets: 21177 The Ambush of the Creeper 21178 The Fox Lodge 21179 The Mushroom House 21180 The Guardian Duel 21181 The Rabbit Ranch 21182 The Training Ground Haven't seen guardians in a while, hopefully it'll be a good "battle pack" to populate the ocean monument.