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  1. PxChris

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Thank you for that corrected link!
  2. PxChris

    Technic Ball Joints as Cannon Balls

    It does make for a very nice look. Certainly more visibly appealing than the standard 1x1 round brick. But there's something in my old heart that will always just feel that this is just the way that cannon balls are supposed to look...
  3. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    Got The Golden Medallion framed and hung and I'm very happy with how it looks there behind Forbidden Island!
  4. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    My latest acquisition came in yesterday and I couldn't be happier! I managed to get my hands on a very good copy of The Golden Medallion for less than $5 shipped! I already had the extra minifigures and accessories in my collection, so I can add this as a complete set to my collection! I plan on framing it and getting it hung up by my pirates display.
  5. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    Thank you both!! These are the new changes from over the weekend: First, I got a couple more blue baseplates and added them in to cover up the gap. So that looks much better now! Next, I took one of my two #6265 Sabre Island sets that I have on each side of Eldorado Fortress and mirrored the build. I'm still not 100% sure how much I like it, but it's growing on me! I still need to work on getting more minifigures for the layout, I have a number of extra soldiers, sailors, and pirates in there, but it still feels like I need MORE! Also starting to think what else I might add into the layout. I really don't want to expand this much beyond the original 1989-91 Blue Coat era of Pirates, but I think I might add in #6261 Raft Raiders. I might also add some small era-appropriate custom builds... we shall see!
  6. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    I've been steadily working on updating my Pirates layout. It now includes all of the sets in the 1989-91 range except for 6273 Rock Island Refuge which I just have no room at all to display with the rest. I'm pretty pleased with the look of the Imperial side! I managed to squeeze 6259 in between 6276 and 6267 and was fairly happy with the end result. The Pirates side is pretty cramped, mostly due to the size of the Barracuda, but all of the islands do fit over there. I still need to get a blue baseplate cut down to fit in the current gap. After that, I'm not sure exactly what my next step will be. Adding even more minifigs to be sure. I also am planning on displaying The Golden Medallion comic in some way with it.
  7. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    I agree, having a nice background would go a long ways to help the display. That however is not quite in the cards at this time... My focus right now is on obtaining 6260 and 6270 to "complete" the display (6259 & 6273 are also needed, but are much, much lower on my priority list, I'll only pick them up when I find an absolutely phenomenal deal). I also collect a lot outside of Pirates, so it's always a balance in what I buy. Eventually, I would also like to go about collecting the full Islander sub-theme.
  8. I've been re-arranging my LEGO shelves and displays so that I can have my Pirates sets out on display permanently. This is my current results: My goal is to eventually own all of the 1989-91 sets. The only primary sets (so excluding 6251 & 6255) from the 1989 wave that I'm missing are 6260 and 6270 which will also fit on the shelf once I do have them.
  9. PxChris

    [MOC] Traction Ctiy London (Mortal Engines)

    Very cool build!
  10. PxChris

    New (Old) LEGO Pirates adventures--in German!

    Since the videos that were uploaded to YouTube are no longer available (at least in the US they're blocked now) does anyone have a different source to listen to them? Videos or MP3s would be fine.
  11. PxChris

    Space Turtles! (part 2)

    Wow @Celloguy! This is a spectacular build!
  12. Thank you very much for getting all of these re-uploaded!
  13. Very well done @Bricks Planet!
  14. Wow, wow, wow... This is amazing!