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  1. PxChris

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Anything Bluecoats related always gets my interest. This is a lovely ship with some great shaping and coloring! Interesting way to close up the ports on the hull pieces, I don't believe I've seen that done before.
  2. PxChris

    [Moc] Blue imperial guards in IKEA frame

    I like it! It's a pretty great "framing" of the scene.
  3. PxChris

    [MOC] Pirate Inn

    This is a pretty fun looking build overall. I'm not quite sure on the blue roof (I understand that you were going after the color scheme of 3739) but that's probably just my aesthetics personally. However... this is a highly suggestive pirate right here... naked yellow legs only wearing boots and holding a banana... hahaha
  4. PxChris

    Cool ways to create a fireplace

    A very small but effective (IMHO) way to make a fire pit with rounded logs and the wood grain tiles (I love that piece).
  5. Builder Quinn Roberts - 13 years old - this kid is a true pirate lad!
  6. PxChris

    Story Build: 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay

    That was a very, very enjoyable way to relive the building experience of PoBB! Well done!
  7. PxChris

    [Moc] Captain Redbeard faces budget cuts

    The crew is so broke that the pirates can't even afford hats anymore!
  8. PxChris

    [MOC] Whale Rock Outpost...

    Both the build and the story are absolutely wonderful! Your posts are always a delight to read and explore!
  9. PxChris

    Your First Pirate Set!

    That's a good bug to catch!! I also caught the same bug and over the last year and a half was able to complete the entirety of the initial "Bluecoat era" (1989-91) waves of sets. So much joy and nostalgia there! While they certainly are less detailed than sets from today I still strongly feel that on the whole the early Pirates sets are some of the best that LEGO has ever made! I get no end of joy from them.
  10. PxChris

    REVIEW: 6261 Raft Raiders

    While my main love is the 1989-91 sets... I have always had a soft spot for this boat! So much so that I bought two.
  11. PxChris

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    The new monkeys are very cute and really well produced (dual molding). But the lack of pose-ability on them is certainly a downside. However, for me it is a moot point. The classic monkey will always be my favorite! I've put some of the new monkeys in POBB, but even still I've decided I need to buy a reddish brown version (all of the others I have in my collection are old brown of course since that's the only brown I'll use in my classic display) of the old monkey to add to it as well.
  12. I never fancied the Parisian Restaurant to fit in with the Pirates in any way... but this actually works surprisingly well! Bravo.
  13. I think that the concept is an interesting one. I fear that the execution of said concept will be awful though. Here's to hoping I'm wrong!
  14. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    Was thrilled to be able to add the Ladybird storybooks from 1990 to the collection! They pair so spectacularly with The Golden Medallion comic.
  15. PxChris

    Historical Flag Stickers?

    Brick Sticker Shop (UK based) has a lot of flag sticker options and their quality is excellent.