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  1. PxChris

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    I agree, having a nice background would go a long ways to help the display. That however is not quite in the cards at this time... My focus right now is on obtaining 6260 and 6270 to "complete" the display (6259 & 6273 are also needed, but are much, much lower on my priority list, I'll only pick them up when I find an absolutely phenomenal deal). I also collect a lot outside of Pirates, so it's always a balance in what I buy. Eventually, I would also like to go about collecting the full Islander sub-theme.
  2. I've been re-arranging my LEGO shelves and displays so that I can have my Pirates sets out on display permanently. This is my current results: My goal is to eventually own all of the 1989-91 sets. The only primary sets (so excluding 6251 & 6255) from the 1989 wave that I'm missing are 6260 and 6270 which will also fit on the shelf once I do have them.
  3. PxChris

    [MOC] Traction Ctiy London (Mortal Engines)

    Very cool build!
  4. PxChris

    New (Old) LEGO Pirates adventures--in German!

    Since the videos that were uploaded to YouTube are no longer available (at least in the US they're blocked now) does anyone have a different source to listen to them? Videos or MP3s would be fine.
  5. PxChris

    Space Turtles! (part 2)

    Wow @Celloguy! This is a spectacular build!
  6. Thank you very much for getting all of these re-uploaded!
  7. Very well done @Bricks Planet!
  8. Wow, wow, wow... This is amazing!
  9. Wouldn't it be fantastic for someone to take that, touch it up (perhaps even color it, though I like the black & white) and translate it? I've wanted a full English translation of it for a while!
  10. PxChris

    Spyrius Collection

    Thanks @sander1992! Yes - I absolutely had to include 1785! To me, it absolutely belongs as a Spyrius/Unitron set. The color scheme and inclusion of the Spyrius title seal the deal for me. Plus, it was listed alongside the other Spyrius sets in the 1995 Holiday Shop @ Home catalog (see page 35 - https://images.brickset.com/library/view/?f=catalogues/c95sahHoliday).
  11. PxChris

    Spyrius Collection

    I spent the weekend building up my complete Spyrius collection! I absolutely love this theme - the them of flying saucers and robots is just fantastic and I love the color scheme.
  12. Has anyone collected high quality photos of all of the box interiors with their stories somewhere?
  13. PxChris

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Are all of the scans from this magazine still available anywhere?
  14. PxChris

    New (Old) LEGO Pirates adventures--in German!

    I'm newly discovering these gems from the history of LEGO Pirates and just wanted to sincerely thank @Runamuck for all the hard work in transcribing and translating these radio plays!