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  1. The flex tool is nice (i'm pretty sure hinge align tool would work too) but for some reason the corrugated pipe 208mm (or 6190258) says that it can't be flexed, is there a reason for this?
  2. Since i havent played with the hinge tool that much, i could only tell you i have tried typing the degree, rotating it using the thing on top left, and i have tried using hinge align tool. If i didn't say anything about what you are talking about, could you send me a link to a video that could explain it?
  3. Once again, LDD works in a weird way, i need to do this: https://bricksafe.com/files/G0d0fninjas/2.PNG but for some reason, in LDD it is off by a bit when you try to do that it is page 157 step 378 of the instructions of the millennium falcon 75192 LEGO set if you could tell me how to make a hyperlink too that would be nice
  4. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    i just did that, the bad thing is though, since some of the blocks are hinged right next to each other and there are some parts that don't actually connect (since it wants that) bricklink studio 2.0 makes the block just a black outline showing something is disturbing it, which means it wouldn't work (i could import .lxf files at least)
  5. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    what happened with the body plates?
  6. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    welp, i am trying to make it, im gonna keep trying until i give up at the same spot as you. i had something i couldn't do once but i worked around it but doing something that keeps it the same, it worked out, so lets hope it is fine for me (seriously, lets hope)
  7. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    oh wow it does thank you, i'm going ti save this in case i forget and it happens again
  8. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    ok, when you do check it out, you definitely know where to find me
  9. G0d0fninjas12


    oh yea, i went to my mums friends house, they were a huge fan of star wars, they had so many sets of LEGO that was built, but i saw one that wasn't, an AT-AT, i asked if i could build it, he gave it to me and said when i finish it i can give it back, i did that, he told me he was impressed, it was also good because he had so many other things that wasn't LEGO (wouldn't say since this site is literally for bricks A.K.A LEGO)
  10. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    since i have already used all the attachments i can send (maybe when i rank up i can send more?) this is the link i got it from: http://lego.brickinstructions.com/pdfdrop/75192_1.pdf it is on page 89 and the no. is 167 top left of page (it might take a while to load since it has more than 400 pages :p) i have also tried 2 ways for the scaffolding i saw on youtube but they all equal to this tiny space also when i first used LDD, i made the small x-wing and other ship models, then i made the giant BB-8, now i am trying to do this, which this is getting me stuck, since i need to put something next to it, but that tiny gap makes it hard to
  11. G0d0fninjas12


    Its tough to say since i didn't have a lot of LEGO since my parents would say "there's no point" or "there is no room in the house", but i would say star wars since it is also my favourite lasting movie
  12. G0d0fninjas12

    lego piece height difference

    it is the LEGO® Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon set link: https://shop.lego.com/en-AU/Millennium-Falcon-75192 this is what the instructions show
  13. G0d0fninjas12


    hello, i am from Australia, and i usually do gaming, watch videos, and play with LEGO whenever i can get my hands on it, or use LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and copy instruction booklets on it. those are the basic things i do.
  14. what i do on LDD is look at instruction books and do them in LDD, but i am now stuck. In it, it wants me to have a brick upside down, a brick right-side up, and put them right next to each other so it is flat (the right-side up piece is a flat tile), when ever i do this, there is always a very tiny height difference that makes it hard for me to add the next piece there, is there any way i can do this?