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    Lego, Napoleonic era, Duke of Wellington, Colonial era, golf, camping, hiking
  1. Dockmaster Brickington

    WIP: Rosindale Harbour

    Am I blind? Was there a link...sorry i dont see any pics ):
  2. Dockmaster Brickington

    Pirates of the Caribbean Contest - Creative Critic Winners

    Good Job to All!!! May your bounty (Not Brickbeards Bounty) be great!
  3. Dockmaster Brickington

    Artillery Battery

    I love how the MOC! but iI always love how u post a vid to!!! If only more did this...
  4. Dockmaster Brickington

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Theres no real forum to put this in, but does anyone know of any "none official" digital software? Thanks!
  5. Dockmaster Brickington

    Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair

    Thanks Trubal! I guess i'll just wait until my order arrives and hope it looks ok!
  6. Dockmaster Brickington

    Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair

    SO I have bought all the peices it looks like I'll need to build this project, but I cant find many old black hinges anwhere! However there seemes to be tons of the newer type of black hinges (the ones with 1 finger wich inserts into the ones with 2 fingers)...they look like they'll work, but does anyone know if they will? Heres a picture of the hinge with 2 fingers, via bricklink.: My link
  7. Dockmaster Brickington

    Starck forwarder

    I love how the building seperates! Plus good techniques!
  8. Dockmaster Brickington

    Pirates of the Caribbean Contest - MOC Forum Division Voting

    my votes: Yatkuu - Encounter at the blacksmith workshop - 1 point Hammelgeier - Attack of the Kraken - 2 points Cecilie - The Fountain of youth - 1 point Matn - Tia Dalma's Shack - 1 point
  9. Dockmaster Brickington


    Hi! I'm fairly new to Lego, but I really love building. I have a large collection of buildings, and a large dock, but no roads! I am very confused on how to make this, as I perfer buildings. I am not completely shure if this is the correct Disscussion Thread to post this in, but i decided since this was a redcoat fort, that i would post it here! I would provide pictures to let you know what type of roads Ineed, but my camera is broken I can tell you I need help with roads through the city, and rouds beetween hills on each sides (I dont know how to make them either )and roads through the country side. Thanks sso much! If anyone can help please do
  10. Dockmaster Brickington

    Least useful parts?

    Well BURPS are pretty bad, but I have to go with the Duplo figures, who are even more useless then Duplo bricks!
  11. Dockmaster Brickington

    TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    This is great It reminds me of err, home! Can you take a video of it?
  12. Dockmaster Brickington

    Flagship "Den Roode Dood"

    This can't be your 1st ship?!? It's to amazing!
  13. Dockmaster Brickington

    MOC: Queen Victoria market facade

    This reminds me of where I live in Fort Worth, TX at the Cowgirl Museum! I love it!
  14. Dockmaster Brickington

    Life in port

    I love your use of legs and how you made the smoke The only thing I don't like are how the birds are sitting on the ground. But this MOC is so amazing, with alll that SNOT and cool buildings, Good Job!!!
  15. Dockmaster Brickington

    BrickArms Musket Prototype

    I hope they are cheap! I think i'll want to order several 100