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  1. Oddly enough, I went into a Lego store this last weekend in California and asked to see the Stuntz sets and the Lego Store employees told me they had been recalled, due to the front wheel peg quality. They said all of the display models had broken already. Then, today, the one Stuntz bike that we had gotten at Target broke in the same place the employees said was an issue. This wasafter only a couple of play sessions for my son. Anyway, just our experience. 

  2. It looks like on the blind boxes, there may be some identifying mark that will tell you who's inside. Picked one up today and saw the code 2R1 on the tape on the side of the box. All of the other boxes had different numbers, i.e. 3R1, 4R1 and one other box had the same number as the one I bought, 2R1. Anyway, if this holds up 2R1 is the wolfman. Here's a picture:

    Anybody else snag one yet and see the code? 

  3. I've been working on my park for about 3 years. My wonderful, wonderful wife offered to swap sides of the office so as to allow for an expansion. This means shutting down the park for at least the rest of Spring for the winter remodal. I took a bunch of videos today to document how far I got. As I break it down, I'd love any feedback about the park. Spoiler alert: Its got a Jurassic Park section. 

    Here's the video I made: 

    As I remodel and move, I'll posting update videos, so feel free to subscribe if that interests you. 

  4. I'm looking at the new Disney train pretty seriously, but I don't have any room for it in my layout. I was considering putting the station on the table, and then using wall-mounted track pieces, have it ascend until it's suspended a foot or so below the ceiling. Suspended trains is something I've seen done a lot before, however, they usually run their entire length at the ceiling level track without returning to table based display and then ascending again. I guess my question is, has anyone experimented with altitude climbs of 6-7 feet, and would the descent basically be just too steep for the train to handle, speed wise. Would it just crash off the track at the slightest turn? Plan B would be to just keep everything suspended from the ceiling and then do a shelf to hold the station. 

    This would be my first train, so appreciate any help. Thank you!