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    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    The thread author stated that he was working with All Out Brick. They were hit with a cease and desist so I have my doubts about it ever materialising.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Any opinions on the best U-Wing MOC? I'm looking for something that is roughly minifig scale and as studless as possible. I'm considering picking up the instructions for the Brick Vault version as they have a sale on but wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions.
  4. That looks really nice. Are the instructions available on their own or do you have to buy the full kit? I can't see a link to the instructions on the site.
  5. Csaba

    Sarlacc Pit custom build

    You can split the design into different steps so you can see the order the pieces were placed in. You need to create the different steps manually. I've attached a screenshot showing one of my first attempts with the software. I had over 200 pieces placed in Step 1, which is obviously suboptimal!
  6. Csaba

    Sarlacc Pit custom build

    Another vote for stud.io. I've managed to make a couple of semi-decent MOCs despite having no experience with graphic design software. It's probably a good idea to start off with something simpler than the MOC shown in the image then work up to more complex designs.
  7. I'd love to see Jerac or one of the other top MOC makers have a stab at the Gauntlet.
  8. Looks good. Would it be possible to make the wings using the SNOT techniques used for the UCS Imperial Shuttle wings?
  9. It's a Lego/Argos exclusive in the UK. Don't know if Lego are consistent with the sets that they make exclusive to a specific retailer?
  10. Cad Bane wouldn't surprise me. Todo is probably a bit too niche. Hope I'm wrong!
  11. Depends on if the minifigures are reproduced elsewhere. The rumour about Omega being the calendar will significantly reduce value if true.
  12. Just got to pray that she isn't wearing a Christmas jumper.
  13. Does the demise of All Out Brick mean that it is now impossible to get instructions for Cavegod's version of Krennic's shuttle? I know they were working on a revised version of the Sandcrawler. is that project dead in the water now?
  14. It's highly likely that he'll end up in the set. My assumption is that it won't have an impact on the value of the old Thrawn. I thought that Rebels Ahsoka would come down in value when the newist Ahsoka minifig came out. Since then it has gone up in value.
  15. Haslab projects have previous for being on the larger side. Video review of the Haslab Sentinal here. I imagine that they would have to cut the size of the ghost a bit, but it'll definitely be on the larger side.
  16. Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking about this build and the Nebulon B for a while.
  17. I think Lego said that they weren't going to make Fallen Order sets as the game is too violent?
  18. I just had an email about Brick Vault's new set. The instructions are $50 and they estimate that the pieces cost $950 - $1100 so it isn't cheap. It looks smoother than the official UCS set so it would be interesting to see them next to each other.
  19. I've been pleasantly surprised by Bad Batch. Their appearance in Clone Wars made me think that the show would be aimed at five year olds, but I've really enjoyed it.
  20. I bought it a couple of weeks ago in the UK.
  21. Has anyone here built Jhae's Gunships? I'm considering getting the instructions and I'm interested in opinions on the build experience and how sturdy the finished product is.
  22. Csaba

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    This is the first time I've seen it next to another ship. The UCS Slave 1 is on the larger side so the Bomber is huge. I assume this is larger than minifig scale?
  23. Csaba

    NEBULON-B Escort Frigate, 81cm long, 2593 pieces

    @Rubblemaker How do you think this compares in size to the Brick Vault version? It looks like yours has around 25% of the pieces that the Brick Vault version has.
  24. Csaba

    ALL out Brick

    My completely uninformed, not a lawyer opinion is that there isn't a difference between All Out Brick and Brickvault. Hope I'm wrong but, it wouldn't surprise if Brickvault were also contacted by the Mouse's lawyers in due course.