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  1. I could see them making the... umm... Shazam cave? from the SHAZAM! trailer or as someone said a D2C Atlantis would be amazing, exclusive gladiator Orm and Aquaman, Vulko, Mera with her ship, King Nereus, Atlanna it could be AMAZING, however if they do make any D2C I feel they would make it Batman... Maybe GCPD
  2. Harley Quinn is apparently D2C, GL could be D2C or CMF idk but I have a theory Alfred will be a CMF if anything
  3. Thank you I'll find myself a Lloyd, I'll wait for little red riding hood make myself a nice Speedy to go with him
  4. Ik I realise that now I'll rephrase it at the end of this What I meant was GCPD as a seperate set which I hope is in the summer wave Until I see official pictures of anything I'm saying this Harley is fake, the face and hair just seem really off to me Give me CW sets legoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ok after posting this I found leaked pictures of a Green Lantern 100% from TLM2, He is all (the word is escaping me but his outfit is now apocalypsey?) It looks alright actually, torso could be used for a custom alien GL or something, I'm hoping it's easy to get looks like an awesome, also looked at Harley fig it looks increasingly fake again, I really hope it's real though just for the torso and legs
  5. I want the GCPD, it was rumoured a month or 2 ago and I really want it to be a real set, maybe in the summer! Give me a hooded Green Arrow Legooooooooooooo
  6. I have no idea what the odds on getting him are but they're going back to his Hush suit in the comics and LEGO usually likes to change costumes to current versions with a couple exceptions (cough superman cough) so I'd say it's pretty likely that the Hush batman may be the next regular comic book set batman after the rebirth suit has run its course
  7. I don't believe it is real, idk something about the face and hair doesnt seem right to me, although if it is real I hope its in a CMF so it's easily obtainable, also it's a pain the base hairpiece colour is white instead of blonde... I really like the torso and legs though
  8. Bruce Wayne LBM hairpiece or the Series 16 Spy hairpiece in black?
  9. I hope they don't use that hair for him I don't think it works at all
  10. Is Batman Using his old pre-2015 head?
  11. I kinda wish they got rid of everything to do with Batman in this set and just gave Orm a big armoured shark to ride.
  12. Looks like a good set! Ocean Master and Aquaman are both really good figures, batman at least has flippers and breathing apparatus (As I predicted) and the batsub looks good! This'll look great by the Black Manta sub from Aquaman
  13. Leaked image of the Bat-Sub is out, It looks... interesting, I haven't made up my mind how I feel about it but will definitely be getting the set anyway for Ocean Master, it's only a preliminary image but Batman seems to be the same aside from breathing apparatus and flippers, the sub itself reminds me a bit of the Quantum realm explorers ship but that's probably just me, overall seems like a meh set, good figures, meh build, the build is different from the bat-sub we already have though so that's something I guess
  14. Nice Mr. Freeze, what torso is used on him?
  15. oh yaaay... what we all wanted... another batsub...