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  1. BrathAttack

    MOC: BAT-Rotor

    That is freaking AWESOME!!! Looks like it could be an actual Batman set! Great job!!!
  2. BrathAttack

    You wanna race?

    Very nice, I like them both. However a green figure against a green background probably wasn't the greatest choice ever.
  3. BrathAttack

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    If it's character unlocks, I'm guessing that they'll still be in the game, you can just unlock them faster via the preorder. While cool, I still would rather have the Lex Minifig from preordering at GameStop.
  4. BrathAttack

    The Batmobile, the Batwing and more!

    HOLY CRAP! I'm loving the Batmobile, Batwing, & Captain Marvel!!
  5. BrathAttack

    MOC: The Batwing

    I like it! Although with the turbine on the top, it does look more like a Batboat to me than a Batwing.
  6. BrathAttack

    My Own Lego Gotham's not nearly as good as some people's collections or MOCs! Yeah..the stands kinda ruin the illusion, but since they'd just be standing on cardboard and could really easily tip over, I'll sacrifice look for function. lol
  7. BrathAttack

    My Own Lego Gotham

    Finally got to setting up shelves and then building my old (and some new) Batman sets over the last couple of weeks. Now my Gotham is mostly set up (still looking to get a couple of the new sets)... The Batcave ....leading to the docks Alfred, Bruce, & Robin The Tumbler is ready to go Changing area and weight room & Prison area with a prisoner... ...The Penguin! The Joker meets a Mr. P. N. Guin down at the Gotham docks... Then the Batman has to interrupt! So Harley high tales it with the loot! Robin is in trouble at the Joker's hideout, the old Gotham Amusement Park But don't fear! Batman is on the way! Oh no! Looks like there is trouble down at the Gotham Pyramid Museum! Run professor! Run from the unleashed zombie hoard! Save him Dynamic Duo!!
  8. BrathAttack

    [MOC] Superman Red Son Mosaic

    Love it!!
  9. BrathAttack

    [MOC] Micro Batman Tumbler

    Okay, that is pretty freaking amazing! Great job!
  10. BrathAttack

    MOC: Superhero Accessories

    Both are fantastic, but I'm really loving that batpod!
  11. BrathAttack

    MOC: Gotham City - Arkham Asylum

    Incredible! All of it...simply incredible!!!
  12. BrathAttack

    MOC: Gotham City - The Batcave

    That is all 10 kinds of AWESOME!!!
  13. BrathAttack

    REVIEW: 4191 The Captain's Cabin

    I posted this in the Queen Anne's Revenge review, but this is how I added the Captain's Cabin set to the QAR set (although I forgot to put the skull on the top shelf) I think it fits pretty well actually.
  14. BrathAttack

    REVIEW: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

    I just spent 3hrs building the ship tonight after seeing the movie today and I must say it's FANTASTIC! I also added the captain's cabin set inside... Although I did forget to put the skull on the top shelf.