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  1. Alex Pendable

    Hello from Paris, France

    Yes, I ve already posted a MOC of the Ariane 6 launcher. I work on it :)
  2. Alex Pendable

    [MOC] Ariane 6 rocket

    Hi, yes indeed the scale is 1:87 due to details we would have. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Alex Pendable

    [MOC] Ariane 6 rocket

    Hello! With a friend weare two European friends passionate about both LEGO and space and that’s why we decided to build a LEGO model of Europe’s new space launcher (or rocket) Ariane 6! We tried to chose a good scale in order to have lot of details (for exemple we designed two satellites under the fairing, there is also the main feeding line, engines etc.). In addition we designed a simplified launch table! That was an amazing project! That's why we have proposed the project on lego ideas and if you want you can support the project here. We have realised a brickmovie of the Ariane 6's integration! we posted the video on youtube here! Don't hesitate to give me some feedback! You can see found pictures bellow: IMAG1360 A6 stickerv5 DSC_0711_MATTE DSC_0730_MATTE_2
  4. Alex Pendable

    Hello from Paris, France

    Hello everyone, My name is Alexandre, I'm 31 and I live near Paris in france. I'am found of lego and space (I work for a space compagny in France). I like to create MOC's and I try to animate some of them! My favorite theme is, so , star wars and paticulary the UCS collection! See you soon on the forrum! Alex