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  1. I agree, I can't see wifi being used, at least not for normal power functions. You'd surely need some sort of interface/screen for entering wifi passwords, which seems a bit excessive to essentially send an on/off signal. I'm happy to be proved wrong though
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    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I think if you're not a car person I think you can be forgiven for thinking the new Corvette is something else. Admittedly I've only seen a few pictures, but it's the most Ferrari Corvette yet. If only because the engine has moved further back, it doesn't have that long bonnet Corvettes usual have. It looks like a typical supercar in profile. It's nice looking but it doesn't have that Corvette look.
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    Technic Pub

    I'm glad to see talk of others sorting their lego, as I'm in the process of doing the same myself. Luckily I don't have as much as many here so it's a bit less of a hassle to do. But even with my small amount of parts, finding the right one is a pain. I was just wondering how others have divided theirs, I'm meant to be doing work now, but instead I'm sat here trying to work out a sensible sorting system. At a high level, I'm thinking I'll need around 40 containers and I've got the following groups:
  4. I bought the Arocs just before Xmas upon recommendation in the 6x6 Tow Truck thread. I picked it up from bricklink for just under £150 after postage, which seemed reasonable but I don't really know the market I really enjoyed the build and the mechanics of it. I built the A model, and soon took it apart to do the B model as I like an artic. And the thought of building the B model without entirely deconstructing it appealed to the lazy me. I didn't follow the instructions fully, I wanted to have remote drive and steering. Sadly the only L motor I have is from this set, and my XL was elsewhere. So I took a chance on an M, and I was surprised it managed to move the tractor unit quite well on hardwood floor and did okay with trailer without the crane, but it really struggles once the crane is on. I sort of bodged the steering with a servo motor using the existing steering system, but it's not very precise and not very good for reversing with a trailer I've also got an issue with the crane, the pump motor stalls really quickly and I'm not quite sure why, at a guess I'd say the hose coming from the pump tenses up when pressurised and stops the pump from turning. But I had no issues with the A model.
  5. Wow, that's eye-wateringly expensive. Granted most toy shops (hopefully) won't be charging the full amount, would this be the most expensive RRP Technic set yet? That said the high price does make me a bit excited to see some proper photos to see what they've done with it. @carlo.fadel that's a good point, not even Lego are charging that price. Gives me a bit optimism for being able to buy them without the missus killing me
  6. That revl camera looks very smart. Quite pricey though I've recently been messing about with a 4K gopro knock off I've borrowed from work. It's an Apeman A80, they're currently on amazon for £68. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Underwater-Waterproof-Wide-Angle-Batteries-Accessories/dp/B01JS00NFE . There's loads of sample footage on youtube if anyone is interested in it. One of the nifty features is wifi connectivity, meaning you can stream the video view to a mobile. Stick some lamps on your car and you've got yourself a little exploration vehicle (providing you don't lose IR connectivity!) Conveniently it also sits nicely between upright pins with pin connectors on a frame, making it fairly easy to pin to stuff
  7. Mine took a while to build too, for the same reasons. Relegated to the evenings to placate the missus Mine had the odd click here and there, but it never stopped in its tracks. I've since rebuilt mine as a starter offroad chassis. No crane, no gearbox. I've kept the standard pendular rear axle (still no suspension up front, I don't have many pieces), I've removed the diffs and the final ratio at the wheels is about 0.03 (30:1), I've only used one clutch gear but that was just for steering. I'm quite impressed by the way it can climb and crawl, however I was wondering if someone with a bit more experience can tell me; how likely am I to break something with this set up? I feel like I'm sometimes putting a fair amount of strain on everything, for example if a tyre gets stuck on its tread the axles wind up a bit and spring back when freed. How concerned should I be?
  8. That Technic Mclaren is almost certainly fake, someone's just stuck the Technic logo on for a laugh. I asked my friend (who loves the current Mclaren line up) what he thought of the Senna and aside from the profanity he literally used the words "looks like a lego car". On the bright side, maybe the Senna's odd shapes would translate well into Technic. I'm not sure on the origin of that picture, but it turns up with a joke comment with this twitter search: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23McLarenSenna lego&src=typd More ontopic: I'm really looking forward to seeing the upcoming sets for this year, it'll be my first new lego year since getting back into it recently and I'm already eyeing up the rally car. And I'm especially looking forward to seeing the flagship sets.
  9. I bought this set recently when it dropped to £140, which seemed someone reasonable (compared to the RRP anyway) This set was a first for me in two ways; this is the first flagship set I've ever owned and it was first time I've bought Lego for myself in years (my partner often buys me a small Technic set for xmas or birthdays). I enjoyed the building it very much. I made a few errors along the way, the first rear diff I mounted the wrong way and only caught when I thought I'd test it out (glad I didn't wait to finish before doing that), and then I managed to do the same again, luckily I clocked this before I'd finished making that assembly. I also somehow managed to miss the gear that drives the cranes rotation and when I went to put it back, a bevel fell out. The build took me much longer than I expected as I didn't really have much space to work with and was working out of the bags (a terrible idea), so 2/3rds of my time was probably spent looking for tiny pieces. I plan on buying some divider boxes before I dismantle/rebuild/buy a new set. I've learnt some building techniques as there was a lot of parts that I haven't seen before (I probably had less than 1000 pieces before this). Most importantly though, this kit has given me the bug, and has left me wanting to build more and more (particularly cars and trucks) and I've been finding myself looking at brinklink, looking at individual components that I'd like (mostly suspension and steering bits). I can understand why long-time and advanced Technic fans aren't delighted with this kit. The rear beam suspension is very unsophisticated, the front has no suspension, the model itself isn't very good off-road, and the RRP is frankly outrageous. But at the lowered price, it's a good set for a newbie like me. It introduces a few things that are new to myself such as building a gearbox and using linear actuators and it's given me a thousand or so extra pieces to work with in future. I've just got decide what kit to get next (suggestions appreciated)