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  1. Markov Zinhae

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 6] Time for a snack

    @elementaryMaybe add a few blue tiles to the water, so it will stand out a bit more. I think your MOC looks better than my first one.
  2. Markov Zinhae

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Hi @MKJoshA would you be able to change my avatar to the image here: New Rebel Pilot:
  3. I would like to move my team to the right 1 space and then up. A small cell of Rebel troops was tasked with navigating the dense part of Endor to find a Rebel pilot. The Rebel pilot, a Duro, was grateful and joined the Rebel cell in their next mission to heada toward the Empire's shield generator. As the group navigated their way in the forest, little did they know there were being carefully being watched.
  4. Markov Zinhae

    MOC Han Solo Blaster

    Wow. I may have to do some weapons too.
  5. Is there more of this ship it is hard to see the details?
  6. Looks cool, with navy A.C.U. colors. Could you do a MOC with Army A.C.U. colors?
  7. Markov Zinhae

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    When do I post my MOC?
  8. I would like to be a Rebel recruit. I was rallied to the cause by MKJoshA .