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  1. Yorel

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Yeah, no, a Tuskan encampment would be kinda boring. Instead, go with a Krayt Dragon attack. It could have a couple of Tuskan Raiders, a Tuskan Female (for diversity points) a Bantha (based on the game version) and the build could be a brick built Krayt Dragon, similar to the TLNM Green Ninja Mech Dragon.
  2. Yorel

    LEGO Minifigures licensed series

    No, I'm not expecting anything. The main question, the main point of discussion was "What licensed series would you want to see next?", which is exactly what I'm doing. I'm saying that I would like to see "licensed" series that are based on themes, rather then singular IPs. But let's pretend that I am expecting Lego to drop to their knees and do what I say... and let's pretend that I don't have 100 other ideas that I'd rather see Lego do before covering my ideas for CMFs. I wouldn't expect Lego to roll up to a company and be all like "Hey, that thing you own isn't very good, but we'd like to license it anyway, lol! Haha, but only part of it! Double lol!!1!". I would expect that they would approach said companies like they normally would. But instead of negotiating for a complete license, only negotiating for the rights to characters with the understanding that it will only be a limited selection of characters to be produced. Possibly even include in the contract, a clause so that if the minifigs prove extremely popular, the license can be expanded. Which is kinda what I assume they would have done with Lego Dimensions. And yet Archie Comics (I specifically used them as an example because of this) has crossed over with a bunch of other things, such as Twilight (Yes, the sparkly vampire books), Tiny Titans, KISS, Glee and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Oh and of course there was the Punisher crossover. All of those were different IPs. All of those required a licensing agreement to be reached between Archie Comics and the other IP holders. And in the case of three of them, said IPs were owned by other comic publishing companies, ie: competitors. What it all comes down to is money and profit and a company may see the possibility of making money from such a license, be it though the licensing fees or just through brand exposure and possibly even the chance of expanding the license later. Example: let's say Lego wanted to do a "Sci-Fi Icons" series that would feature classic Sci-fi Icons. And let's say that Lego decides they want to include a Classic Cylon from Battlestar Galactica and a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise in the series. So they approach the respective IP owners about licensing these characters for said series. The IP owners now have a choice. Agree on a fee, allow Lego the license and make money out of said license. Or don't. I doubt many companies would really actually care if a buyer got their IP or not, being as the company would have already made money from the license fee and may also make money off each individual sale. Yes, technically they wouldn't be licensed series, as there would be no licenses needed. But they would fall under that banner as they wouldn't be either Lego original creations or Lego's "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, this is totally this character, but not really... (No it really is)" minifigs. They'd be actual named characters, based on preexisting works, which is not the standard for current numbered CMF series. As far as who I'd like to see in a literary based series thought? Well I think my suggestions (Ebenezer Scrooge, Capt. Ahab, Jim Hawkings and Long John Silver and Beowulf) are a nice selection, assuming we're talking "classic" literature and not including modern books in there as well. Maybe throw in a Queequeg to go with Ahab. A Morlock might be cool too. Maybe an Edgar Allan Poe with a stately raven of the saintly days of yore. Or a mariner with an Albatross to hang around his neck. If we're including modern books, then definitely would like to see some Dune characters in there. Maybe the kids from Chronically of Nania. And as one of the more rarer minifigs in the series, a Wally. Or as you Americans call him, Waldo.
  3. Yorel

    LEGO Minifigures licensed series

    For the purpose of sales and production yes they probably are counted as a single product. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it can only have a single license or owner of said IP. Obviously any such series would require new licensing agreements to be made, which would more then likely be for the use of only one or two characters and there would be conditions on how, when and where they're released, along with what other franchises and IPs can be used in the same series. Well yeah, that'll never happen, because you're talking about the flagship animated characters of one of the biggest entertainment media company's in the world appearing in a series with the flagship animated characters of THE BIGGEST entertainment media company's in the world. It would be like expecting Coca-Cola and Pepsi to both be totally fine with their product appearing next to each other. But I'm not talking about massive characters (that could possibly carry a series by themselves) from massive studios/groups. I'm suggesting small, less popular/prominent IPs who's owners may be willing to allow they're use along side other IPs. Like someone mentioned an Archie series. Is Archie really popular enough to carry a series? I mean are that many Lego fans Archie fans? Would Archie fans who normally have no interest in Lego, rush out to buy a series of Archie Lego minifigs? Probably not. They might, but for the sake of argument, lets say they won't. Now 'Archie Comic Publications, Inc.' may be willing to agree to a licensing deal for just Archie, Betty and Veronica and for them to appear in a series with other classic comic characters. Now granted, they may not be willing to do that. But there is a very real chance/possibility that they might. And further more there are other pop culture/non-Lego IPs that could be made into a CMF series, with less licensing issues. Like i suggested, you could do a classic literature series with characters from books and stories like 'A Christmas Carol', 'Treasure Island', 'Moby-Dick', 'King Arthur' and 'Beowulf'. All of those books are now public domain, meaning Lego needs no licenses to make minifigs based on them. Or a musician series. Yes, Lego would have to license the rights to each musicians appearance (except for classic musicians that have been dead for a century or more, like Mozart or Beethoven), but that will mostly just be dealing with the musician/their manager/their estate and they're use to making licensing agreements to use their music/appearance in things that will also contain other musicians songs/appearances. In fact, out side of the few musicians that guard their music and appearance, most's only concern will be "how much do I make out of this" Steve Kilbey of Australian band 'The Church' once said of their song 'Under the Milky Way' that "There is almost nothing, except for maybe a cigarette ad, I'd say no to 'Under the Milky Way' being used for". Probably the biggest issue standing in the way of a series based on musicians, would be egos and certain musicians refusing to license their appearance if some other musician is doing it as well.
  4. Yorel

    LEGO Minifigures licensed series

    I think a better option then doing series based on singular particular franchises or sources, would be to do a couple of series on "subjects/topics/themes/whatever you want to call them". So, say a music series, where each fig is based on a music icon or personality. So like Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Daft Punk, Brittney Spears, Mozart etc. Or a classic comics/comic-strips series that could include; Tintin and Capt. Haddock. Jon Arbuckle and Garfield. The Phantom. Archie, Betty and Veronica. etc. Or a movie monster series featuring; Godzilla, the Creature from Black Lagoon, a Xenomorph, etc. And there's more. Classic literature (Ebenezer Scrooge, Capt. Ahab, Jim Hawkings and Long John Silver, Beowulf, etc), Video Games (Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft, Mega Man, Pac-Man, etc), Sports (I don't know, sporty people... I don't really follow any sports), Cartoons (SpongeBob, Popeye, Betty Boop , Felix the Cat, etc) This would solve one of the big problems that licensed CMF series have, in that some (possibly a lot of) people won't be interest in the series as a whole, if they're not interest in that specific franchise/source. So say there was an Archie Comics CMF series or a Garfield CMF series. Personally I wouldn't be interested in them, outside of maybe a few parts. And I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. But if instead it was a something like the classic comics/comic-strips I suggested and includes other characters, such as the Ghost who Walks (aka the Phantom) then yeah, I'd be interest in at least some of the figures. It may also (I'm not sure as I'm no expert on licenses) be easier to get licenses for just specific characters. It could also allow for things like Xenomorphs to be made, without having to make full sets based on Aliens with Colonial Marines and other mature themes appearing and violating Lego's family friendly image and no-war/military rules, given that it would only be a single figure based on an iconic movie monster.
  5. I actually like the looks of the Crait Speeder more then I thought I would, so I might end up getting it... Then modding it. I'm thinking the cockpit would look good in the center, with the wings extending from there.
  6. 2 Battle on Takodana's from a seller on Bricklink. AU$40.00 each, plus AU$26.85 postage for a grand total of AU$106.85. If I had of bought them from S@H it would have been AU$89.99 x2 (=AU$179.98) + AU$35.00 Postage for a total of AU$214.98. So yeah, I think I did alright
  7. Yorel

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What if? What if Lego is switching to detailed heads/faces, but still include extra basic smileys for those who like them? Hahaha. May get involved. Haha... "may". That's a funny joke.
  8. I'd like to amend my previous statement and theory about the Han Solo sets. I only just realized that I'd over looked this This is rumored/claimed/said to be a Han Solo themed battlepack, which assumedly is what the Bp stands for. So how does this fit with my Greek Myth theory? Well Vesta is a Roman Goddess. For those who don't know, before Disney bought Star Wars and made it their own, the Romans "bought" the Greek's Gods and made them, their own. To the Greek's Vesta was Hestia the Goddess of Heath and Home. She was also said to be the daughter of Cronus and hence sister of Zeus. Now going back to those spoilers I said I read (and that need to be taken with a grain of salt), they state that Beckett's daughter would be the character Kira, played by Emilia Clarke. It was also said that the Crime Lord had a female enforcer/Second in Command (apparently Thandie Newton's character). Now either of these two could be "Vesta", Kira being an Ally to Han and Beckett (As Hestia was an ally/sister to Zeus) and Newton's being the big bad's second (and Hestia being Cronus' daughter). Adding a bit of weight to Kira, is the fact that Hestia was said to be a chased virginal Goddess and the spoilers claim that Han and Kira have a bit of a romantic history together, in that Han attempted to woo and pursue Kira, but she wasn't interested and it's said that at the end of the movie, she's still not interest in a relationship with Han, outside of friendship. So there's a possibility that the battlepack will feature one (or maby both) of these characters. And given that we've already got a battlepack featuring 4 named characters and will have another one with 2 named characters before Solo is released, it's somewhat more likely. Then again, I could just be reading too much into it and using fake spoilers...
  9. Yorel

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's kinda what I meant. The suggestion from AFOLguy1970 seemed to be that you'd have to put it next to AS, instead of choosing where you wanted to put it.
  10. Yorel

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Question; Do people actually set their Modulars up in order of release?
  11. Yorel

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, as they were released before I got into the Modulars, but didn't the first couple of Modulars have "detailed faces" (ie: not just basic smiles)? Also, isn't there the possibility that these faces are just place-holders? I mean the preliminary images of the Creator Daredevil set had Captain America's torso on the minifig. And the wheelchair guy in the Fun in the Park set had fleshie hands in the first pictures. Just saying I disagree. When I first looked at her head I thought it was a head from one the CMFs. But I couldn't find it amongst them. So I went looking and while I haven't been able to find it, I still can't shake the feeling that I've seen it in another Lego set at some point. So what are you suggesting? That they made the picture with '1026' and then realized they forgot a '0' so they added it in there, instead of just redoing the whole number sequence? I seriously doubt that. If someone when to all the trouble that jdubbs noted, then I doubt they'd be so careless in that one little thing. More likely, as other have said it's caused by crinkling/folds/arching of the paper Yes. Also, when you search for 'Jim's Diner' you get a number of results for different, real, diners named "Jim's". But if you search for 'Jamie's Diner', you get results for one place/chain. Jaime Oliver's Diner. So even if Jamie doesn't normally go by Jim, he might have chosen too for this set to avoid the possibilities of copyright issues. Just like how someone with the last name McDonald could open a burger joint and call it "Mc's Burgers and Fast Food" but wouldn't call it "McDonald's Burgers and Fast Food" due to the very real possibility of being overrun with Lawyers from some other place with a similar name.
  12. If anything it shows just how much effort and work he puts into his videos, that he was able to make you think it was a legitimate video from one of the hundreds of other "lesser" Lego youtubers. I don't think he was trying to parody the whole rehashed sets thing, at least not primarily. I think he's still very much in parody other youtubers/clickbate videos mode. I mean look at where he talks about where he got his information from (and that was the only place he could get it) "The cached version of the Italian Shop@Home site". He's parodying youtubers that get flimsy "information" from unreliable sources and try to pass it off as legit. Or when he goes on about how we're going to see it in the Last Jedi movie and what not. There he's parodying people who make videos that try jump to the conclusion that just because it's made into a toy, then it will be in the movie and/or make outlandish theories about side movies.
  13. Yorel

    Pacific Rim

    Those are amazingly awesome. So I went looking and it turns out the minifigs I was talking about where by Moko. But he doesn't seem to have them on his Flickr (Unless I completely missed them).
  14. Yorel

    Pacific Rim

    I loved Pacific Rim! But Uprising just looks bland. It looks like one of those cheap cash-in sequels that happens because the studio wants to make a quick buck. I don't know who made them and I unfortunately don't have a pic on hand, but some one also made some pretty decent Jaegers out of minifigs/minifig parts.
  15. Yorel

    Future Star Wars Sets

    That would be cool, but I think Wuher (The cantina bartender) would be best left to a future cantina re-release. Maby replace him with one of the other patrons (that we'd be less likely to get in a cantina re-release) like the wolf alien, or the black flight suit pilot that Ben was talking too. Would be awesome if they could release something like this at the same time they release the next Classic X-Wing set (which is inevitable). Maby instead of it being a mechanic and 3 random/generic pilots, it could be a mechanic, one random/generic pilot, Garven Dreis/Red Leader and his astromech R5-K6. That way you could swap out the Luke and R2, who would most likely come with the X-Wing, for Dreis and his R5, if you want.