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  1. Is waiting for the UCS Excectuor Class Star Destroyer to come out...

  2. Roodaksta

    MOC: Vaders Apprentice Vignette

    I agree, I'm trying to expand the model and give it a better size. I felt I could improve on the walls too, making more details and a better structure. Well tomorrow I'm going to post better quality pics and a newly revamped model of Vaders Apprentice. To see if the pictures I take are good quality and if the model is in better detail and structure.
  3. Roodaksta

    WIP Davor & Kost Tatooine diorama

    Very nice WIP Davor! I like the greebling on the top of the grey building. I can't wait to see all of it done!
  4. Roodaksta

    Photography Question

    Ah, thank you very much for helping.
  5. Ok so, I want to put two pictures in one for example like this one right here made by Designholic: But problem is, I actually don't know how, can anyone help me to put two pictures in one whole picture? Thank you in advance.
  6. Roodaksta

    MOC: Vaders Apprentice Vignette

    Well, as for what you said, this MOC wasn't supposed to be any specific scene. And the characters are just made up (except for Vaders apprentice). The MOC takes place in the interior in the Rouge Shadow as the protagonist tries to find Vader himself but ends up meeting Vader's apprentice and ends up in a duel with him.
  7. I have just got a new tripod and had a vignette just sitting on the shelf so I decided to take pics of it. It's only my second pic so full criticism available on the picture taking and model itself. So without a further ado, my vignette: Vader's Apprentice Vignette Greebling on the side: Back of the model: Once again full criticism available for the model and photo taking. Thank you for watching!
  8. Roodaksta

    Aloha from Lego Love!

    Welcome to EB, Lego Love! I can't wait to see some of your MOC's when you get enough pieces. See you soon on the forums!
  9. Roodaksta

    REVIEW: 4644 Marina

    Ah, your reviews are simply amazing Pandora, another splendid review. I have recently picked out this set since it stood out and was thinking of finding reviews about it to see what I will expect, and thanks to your review I have enjoyed building it, and really does stand out on the shelf. Your reviews always give the sets a positive feeling of it. Well done.
  10. Roodaksta


    Welcome to EB Phantom59! Nice work on the MOC's. See you soon on the forums!
  11. Roodaksta

    Unca Shadows Needs Stalkers (and Hats)

    Done, and done. I also watched the video of dragonator since I am in a nice mood today . Anyways Good luck on getting the achievement!
  12. Roodaksta

    Egyptian Enigma

    Thank you. Yours is is nice, I like the small photo on your signature.
  13. Roodaksta

    Egyptian Enigma

    Nice MOC Parrothead Rasmus! I like the faded Egyptian symbols on the tower. Can't wait to see more of your MOC's!
  14. Roodaksta

    G' day!

    Welcome to EB Parrothead! Nice to see another Star Wars fan. See you soon on the forums!
  15. Roodaksta

    Another Generic Introduction

    Welcome to EB Hipor Master! See you soon on the forums!