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  1. Hey all.... At the risk of being ridiculed again, I am contemplating offering a swap... I have the PotC Queen Anne's Revenge, and I love it, but it doesn't really sit with the rest of our collection..... so to that end I would most likely trade it, if anyone would be interested in swapping their Emerald Night set for it. She's 100 percent complete and comes with box, poster, instructions etc etc. She be a grand ol ship, but I think I'm just more of a choo choo type! rgds... JC pic's available for serios swappers...
  2. johnny cogs


    Unnecessary quote of entire post & picture removed by TheBrickster Hey There! I love the playability of theat compact layout you have!!! Awesome!.... I have only recently found the train tech and come out of my dark ages for the EN etc and found some excellent inspiration in here.... Welcome to the forray! ) Looking forward to seeing your narrow guage endeavours!!!
  3. johnny cogs

    3677 Red Freight Train

    I have to say I am still not a fan... sorry, I guess I would just like to see something a bit more classicy from the diesel era... Like a class 37 or something... that new one looks much the same as many that have gone before it..... Or maybe instead of having yet another Bo-Bo we could have had a little Class 8, 0-6-0 (or maybe even a twin set, one with the motor, the other with the battery box, for a bit of novelty like...) Then again, maybe I should be releived leg have released a set I don't want to rush out and spend my hard earned on.... a bit of light relief for the wallet!!! lol
  4. johnny cogs

    MOC: GWR 5700

    Hey again. Sorry To boost this thread to the top again (not that it doesn't fully deserve it, mind!) but I am having no luck at all in trying to get the lxf to open... is any one else having the same problems, or is it just me being a turbo-dufus???
  5. johnny cogs

    How Many Trains Do You Own?

    I can Proudly say over the last week I have gone from a keen window shopper to engine owner proper!!! I managed to get a 7939 Cargo Train set locally (TrU, last one in stock!), Lego S@H FINALLY delivered my 10194 Emerald Night, which they somehow managed to lose??? And I purchased the 7937 Train Station from for £23! result. The Cargo train is a fun set but I have already started to mess with the engine and tweak the freight trucks.... need more freight, but would probably get a good swmbo'd shaped kicking if i start buying the £20 a peice trucks from the set folks are selling on ebay.... I LOVE the Emerald Night.... First time in a long time building with Lego has felt properly involved! Well worth the money but my crikey I really need more carriages! My 3yo needs room for more "passanga"! lol I would love to power the EN, but I really dont fancy having that big motor sticking out the back.... ugly!! I have purchased a bit more track on ebay, and some random bits n bobs to start moc'ing with , but above is where I am at for the minute... Not bad for a weeks work! =)
  6. johnny cogs

    Where we are proud to be British

    awesomely perfect..... App's for the mistook! My point was this thread is mainly full of people slamming other folks spelling and grammar... Is it really that important? The forums are full of a diverse and rich tapestry of users... why must we accost each other in the way we do???? And, just asking, but isn't spam when someone advertises something you didn't invite them too?
  7. johnny cogs

    Where we are proud to be British

    GRAMMER, U.K & ELSEWHERE SORRY!!! I don't believe I've just succumbed to the power of the language police... sorry!!!!!
  8. johnny cogs

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    ^^^^^^ +1 this! I think a little pannier tank'd steamer lends itself perfectly to the smaller layouts many folks getting in to Lego Trains will have, in a quaint little town sort of way... There's even an existing design, ready and waiting for them.... All Lego have to do is pick the bricks, box em up and watch the $ roll in!!!
  9. johnny cogs

    Any musically talented folks on here?

    Guess I should chip in too..... Alright, alright, quit laughing... yes that's me in the middle... it's the best photo I have.... and I know the venue looks daft too, but we just don't have any proper venues round our way, so pubs it is.... A link to our youtube page.... Well, I say our... this band's dead now.... but still, no harm in still feeling a bit proud!!!
  10. johnny cogs

    Where we are proud to be British

    Today, It's all about this.....
  11. johnny cogs

    What did you buy today?

    I recieved Train Station 7937 over the weekend, which I bought brand new from Zavvi for £22..... score.
  12. johnny cogs

    DeLorean DMC-12

    It is pretty darn sweet.......... the lxf file would be super helpful!!! (Please??? lol)
  13. johnny cogs

    Where we are proud to be British

    Y'know... I would say Bob Harris is doing quite a subtle, stealthy job of taking up the mantle... he's a bit of an ambassador for new and eclectic music.
  14. johnny cogs

    Ambush at the Mausoleum (MOC)

    I have to say that, although I havent been a member of EB for a very long time I have had a real good route around folks MOC's and this has to be one of my favourites. Great design, good playability, the ability to fit in to many genre's and most of all the size. It's got so much without being ridiculously enormous or widespread.... I have no doubt that this cracking MOC will inspire lots of folks who dont yet build their own to go out and have a bash at creating something similar... Kudos friend, I love it!!!
  15. johnny cogs

    Where we are proud to be British

    I love it, a thread about being proud to be british... Bah bl**dy Humbug, and the horse he rode in on..... we are a miserable bunch!!!! lol