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  1. ISDAvenger

    MOC: For the Empire!

    Awesome! I will see you there........Sparky!
  2. ISDAvenger

    MOC: For the Empire!

    Wow, nicely done! Love the ghostly looking Emperor. Any plans to bring this to any shows?
  3. So I had to look up what GWP meant....duh. I was expecting a better May the 4th Exclusive. It is not terribly bad, but seem to me it could have been designed better. They could have come up with something an exclusive mini-figure. Regardless I will be getting a Tantive IV for sure. A buddy of mine picked up a signed copy of the Tantive IV at SWC for me, but that will be staying sealed. If they offer double VIP on all Lego Star Wars....I may pull the trigger on the UCS Falcon...maybe...depends on the what I can sneak past the wife.....
  4. ISDAvenger

    [MOC] Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

    Two years to get the inner construction complete. Went through about a year "dark age" and came back to finish the outer design, which was another few months. I estimate the piece count to be in the 6 figure range. Nothing special was used to design the inner support structure. I left about a 2x6 to 2x4 (depending on the level) hole down the middle for routing the wires for the lights. The key was in building the floors really strong and then crisscrossing bricks when building the walls at each center point of each level. The main 4 walls are 6 studs across so I used 2x bricks for the first two levels of the wall and then moved to 1x bricks. As I built the walls I reinforced them horizontal and vertically this assisted in making them strong. As far as the levels being able to support the other levels, especially the lower levels, I got lucky. I wouldn't/didn't know until after it was all together. There are quite a few builders that have tempted fate if you will with building and not knowing if it will work/hold until it is complete. Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it!
  5. Deep from inside the Maw comes the Empires latest design a planet killer, called the Death Star 1 (DS-1), which is an Orbital Battle Station. It was designed by Raith Sienar, Bevel Lemelisk, and Galen Erso. It was designed and built to strike fear into the enemies of the Empire and to bring a swift end to the Rebellion. The top secret project was overseen by the Emperors most trusted leaders, Lord Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Director Krennic. Project took over three years to complete as construction was done when time was available. The Emperor was not pleased to say the least. Tried to create most of the major scenes from the movie. (Note this is the first Death Star, so no Emperor Throne room.) Used the movie and the Death Star Haynes Owner's Technical Manual to assist during the build. The Haynes Manual was a major help. AFOLS that get a honorable mention for inspiration are AC-Pin, Raskolnikov (TIE Interceptor is his design), and Brickplumber. Thanks guys! The majority of the build was complete at the two year mark, but I did not like how the it did not represent a "round" shape. After taking a year sabbatical I came back to it and came up with a solution in the form of slope and inverted slope pieces to fill in the void and create a more "rounder" shape. I also had to go back in and rework the lighting as well. Lighting was done by Brickstuff, and much thanks to the owner Rob Klingberg for his help. Custom Stickers were designed by OK BrickWorks, who did an awesome job! Show circuit, hopefully BF AL, BF VA, and Brickworld Chicago. Was banking on Star Wars Celebration, but failed to make the Fan Display cut. Consists of 12 levels, all accessible by turbo lifts. The red symbols on the Med Bay floor are the Red Cross symbols for that era. All hallways are accessible and interconnecting, no dead ends. All doors are functional and open. No metal supports. Each level is modular for transport. If you notice, the garbage chute is under the Prison Bay. You can see Chewie diving into the chute from the Prison Corridor. DS-1 data is as follows: Craft: Mk. 1 Deep-space Mobile Battle Station Manufacturer: Imperial Department of Military Research/ Sienar Fleet Systems Diameter: Over 40 Inches Hyperdrive: Class 4 Shielding: Equipped Navigation System: Navicomputer Armament: 1 Superlaser, 7 Taim and Bak D6 Turbolaster Batteries, and 2 SB 920 Laser Cannons Crew: 39 Officers, 26 Death Star Crewmembers; 25 Death Star Gunners; 105 Stormtroopers; 18 Scout Troopers; Techs: 3 Maintenance, 2 Medical, 2 Entertainment, and 5 Food Service; 4 Deathtroopers; 2 Royal Guards; Droids: 3 Protocol, 11 Astromech, 1 KX, 3 Medical, and 4 Mouse. 192 Crewmembers and 22 Droids Prisoners: 3 Rebels: No one is supposed to know, but 13 Cost: 5 figures This MOC is too big to post all the pictures, so I only posted some. The rest you can view on my Flickr account. As always any and all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Additionally feel free to save and cross post any pictures you want, just please give me credit for the design. Exterior Flickr Album: Interior Flickr Album:
  6. ISDAvenger

    [MOC] Midi SF-17 Star Fortress

    Nicely done! I like how they used Starfortress in the naming convention as to what I imagine is a nod to the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Superfortress.
  7. • This amazing set is part of the LEGO® Star Wars Master Builder Series. I am surprised no one has mentioned this bullet comment. Be interesting what future sets comes out of this....maybe a new UCS Star Destroyer? In reference to the BACC, overall I think it is pretty cool set and will probably buy it. There will alway be pros and cons to every design.
  8. ISDAvenger

    Constrictor II - Imperial Interdictor (w Instructions)

    Impressive build! Well done. You captured the outside in detail and the interior is really well put together.
  9. ISDAvenger

    [MOC] Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    Green is better color. Overall, just impressive work! Superb job! Thats bigger than mini fig scale isn't it?
  10. ISDAvenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It has been "unofficially" confirmed that it is the UCS Aluminum Falcon.
  11. Killer job bro! Well done indeed!
  12. Question for my fellow AFOL's. I am going through a period of dark know the Empire. Anyway, Lego Star Wars collector, primarily O/T, TFA, and RO and have been doing it since around 2009/2010. I have built a couple MOCs, with my last taking 2 years to complete. On my last MOC I spend the last 9 to 12 months building nearly every day for about 6 to 8 hours a day to reach a deadline. During the last 12 months of my build I was also buying LSW sets as they were released. I would not build them as I promised myself I would not until my MOC was done and surprisingly I was able to do that. I pretty much completed my MOC right before BF AL 17, with a few finishing touches needing to be completed after the show. Once the show was complete...I hit a WALL. Had no interest in finishing the MOC or even building the sets I bought. So now I have a stack....well stacks of unbuilt sets waiting to be built...and a MOC needing its finishing touches...and a few minor revisions to be complete as well........but no energy or really interest to do either. I did build one set...but the enjoyment seemed to be lacking. I fear that those 9 to 12 months of binge building burned me out...bad. I have thought about selling my entire collection.......but worried about regretting it..since I have been down that road before. Some days I get an interest to build....but I never commit to it. Have taken up another hobby...but really don't have the space or the money to do yeah. I know a bit of a diatribe, and probably could have used cliff notes. Just wondering if any of you have experienced it and what advice/help can you offer? Thanks!
  13. ISDAvenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I stand corrected, forget about the Slave 1. B Wing though? Has such a horrible resale ended up going on sale at Lego for 50% off. I bought it and then sold it a few months later. That being said that B Wing has an interesting back story. I built it when I was deployed to Afghanistan making it probably the only B Wing to be shipped, built, and displayed there. Anyhoo. Look forward to the next UCS unveiling. Maybe the Finalizer.
  14. ISDAvenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Definitely! Lego hasn't released a decent UCS since the Slave 1. While some may be excited for the chance to own a set that has been retired for some time, I find the lack of creativity from the TLG to be well.....boring! Easy pass for me unless there will be a steep discount. This could flop like the B Wing and the Hoth Playset.
  15. ISDAvenger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Ugh is right. With the Death Star rehash and now the UCS Snowspeeder the lack of creativity of the recent UCS series is really disappointing in my opinion.