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  1. Quick update: Gravity problems and hotfix of course using rubbers :)
  2. super-jaschka i suppose it will be 5 motors: 2 of the to move tank, 2 to make siege animation for body and gun, and 1 for gun's rotation RohanBeckett thank you for links! Second one is really amazing! I saw almost all it's references before I started work with mine.
  3. Thank you all for so hot welcome! Yeah, it was more then twenty interactions before I reached final mechanical structure. I realised to late that I picked wrong scale for the tank because other mocks are in 1.5 time bigger. Of course my goal is to make it as much closer to original tank as it can be. I can sure you all, it is really one motor used to animate body, and one more for gun. As well it will be 3 more motors: 2 of them will be used to rotate wheals, and the rest to rotate gun. And of course, I will definitely share photos and explanation of all mechanical parts when it will be established.
  4. Tank you, guys for hot welcome :) Yes, the tank's base powered by one motor. It uses 3 mechanical chains and motor switches to each of them during motions. And one more video with tank's cannon: It still WIP. Probably I will change it's design a little.
  5. Hi all! As a fun of StarCraft 2, i am really like to work on the Siege Tank mock from lego. It's still in progress and I want to share some videos with you: I will update this topic during assembling progress. If you want to see more photos you can visit Instagram page