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  1. lonestar_tx

    Simple brick built cross track

    I've seen several LEGO cities and one thing they ALL have in common is that the train goes around the city. Video LINK: Brought my train to the Bricks and Minifigs Store and they let me run it through their city I don't have a full city yet... when I do --- I want trains to run around and through the city maybe with two sets of tracks running side by side. Maybe a switch track that might have the trains intersecting :)
  2. lonestar_tx

    Simple brick built cross track

    Thank you Mr. Capparezza --- This part of set 60098 made me think of a brick solution for a cross track after seeing the Amazon 3D printed crosstrack for $19.95 USD... I started with four straight tracks and placed them at crossroads and built/filled the in between area. First try worked but broke apart when I moved it. I then replaced the straight track with flex track and placed bricks to keep the flex track from moving as well as adding more bricks for addition stability. After seeing RailCo's design this morning his build is much sturdier but, it is taller as his sits on a 16x16 base plate - I designed mine to sit evenly on a table. If RailCo were to redesign his build to sit evenly on a table and provide more stability for the moving bits... then his build would more closely resemble mine.
  3. lonestar_tx

    Simple brick built cross track

    Greetings RailCo... I did not steal your idea Our two builds are extremely similar but, that is what you get when you design/build to a small scale with a specific function in mind. My original build used straight track and broke apart when I moved it from my desk to the dining room table. I then went back to my desk and redesigned using flex track which worked great but, was wobbly so I incorporated bricks to keep the flex track in place. We designed the same thing to do the same function. Congratulations on creating a build that I didn't know existed until this morning - you should also include a video of how your track works, it will help gain support if visitors see it in use. I wish people would credit others for their work these days... -RailCo I do give credit when I use another's build for inspiration or I modify their design. [–]lonestar_txMOC Designer[S] 8 points 21 days ago All credit to /u/Warvanov for the vehicle design... little bit of tweaking with a color swap and the Delta became the Impala. I modified the build from Team BTTF --- I didn't like how the front moved before the train so I shortened it and built this scene from the end of the last movie. LINKS for Team BTTF: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/35422 https://www.facebook.com/teambttf/posts/751400334933657 [–]lonestar_txMOC Designer[S] 10 points 1 year ago Here is all the info on my build: Modified build from the original design by "Misa Nikolic" LINK: Misa Nikolic MOCpages Spock from "custom BRICKS" LINK: custom BRICKS (I changed his face - Mister Spock smiles only once in a while). Custom decals from "OtherWorldModels" LINK:OtherWorldModels lonestar_txMOC Designer[S] 1 point 2 years ago I found out about the smaller Tumbler from post submitted by u/GeneralJustice Here is his post The original design is shared from buggyirk and here is his LEGO Ideas submission with downloadable file I wish people find out more information before passing judgement - Lonestar_TX If I had known about your build and used it for inspiration, I would have credited you and provided a link to your LEGO Ideas Project... Like I have done --- ALWAYS.