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    Which is more seaworthy- Skull Eyes Schooner or Imperial Flagship

    I definitely like the SES better. I think the sails look cooler and it comes with nine pirate mini-figs. I admit it has some clashing colors, but I still think it's the superior ship.
  2. J-MAN

    My fleet is complete (Pic Heavy)

    Is this the technique you used to make your sails? And if so, how did you get the fancy designs on the sails? I'm thinking about trying to make my own sails and I noticed yours look really nice. That's why I ask.
  3. J-MAN

    Custom Sails

    Could you post a link to your Bricklink store here? Or at least post your store's name. I would be interested in looking at what you have. Thanks.
  4. J-MAN

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the info. Are there any pictures of the Black Pearl posted? Where did you find these prices?
  5. J-MAN

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know the officaial prices for these PotC sets? I saw what looked like price tags in some of the pics but they were really blurred.
  6. J-MAN

    Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

    I like the SES better because I think the black and white sails look much cooler than the red and white ones.
  7. J-MAN

    Old Minifigs vs. New Minifigs

    I definitely like the old pirate mini-figs better. I don't own any of the new ones and don't plan on buy any unless I can get them really cheap.
  8. The BSB wins in my book, it has twice as many pirate figs!
  9. I have always really liked the classic shark. I don't know why, I just do. However, I do know that I don't like the 2009 shark, they look like something out of a cartoon.
  10. I vote the yellow parrot figurehead. I think it looks the most believable and was designed very well.
  11. J-MAN

    Favourite Imperial Faction!

    The Bluecoats are my favorite imperial faction. Probably because my first pirates sets were the Caribbean Clipper and Saber Island. Go Bluecoats!
  12. J-MAN

    Best of the NON Pirate LEGO Ships

    I like the Imperial Flagship, but there is something about the Caribbean Clipper that makes it special. Maybe it's just because it was my first pirate set. Anyway, the Caribbean Clipper gets my vote.
  13. J-MAN

    Will the switch to natural-flesh-toned Pirates will be permanent?

    I really hate that Lego switched to flesh for all their licensed mini-figs. However, when I buy licensed sets (which I do less often now) I don't change my figs over to flesh, mostly because usually there is to much flesh color on the body of the fig.
  14. J-MAN

    What do you think of the Islander sets?

    I'm not a big fan of the Islanders. However, I'm sure the have there uses but if someone handed me money and said go buy a Lego pirate set, I would defiantly not go buy a Islander set.
  15. J-MAN

    Pirates or Imperials

    Yo-ho, yo-oh a pirates life for me. Drink up me heartys Yo-ho!