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  1. ShiningOne

    Hallo Everybody!

    I haven't tried using Miliput putty, or cutting too much. However I can relate, at least with painting them that it is relaxing. Your hard work shows. Thanks for sharing, and may your figures grant that same joy that went into your creating them to those who receive them.
  2. ShiningOne

    Proper Stormtrooper

    Thank you so much for sharing these! It's amazing how you are able to make the finished model look so clean. Yes, painting white is difficult. Sorry for the delayed reply, hadn't checked the forums in a few days.
  3. ShiningOne

    MOC Maras Outpost- Spacebase, Spacebase, SPACEBASE!

    My goodness! This is so cool! You should make a LEGO RTS (real-time strategy game).
  4. ShiningOne

    Hallo Everybody!

    These are incredible. I know how challenging it is to paint LEGOs, as I enjoy making customs too! Your lady in the chair is my favorite. The face, book, and glasses are great! The armor, canoe, and bike must have been a real challenge to make, wow! Is there any way you could take photos of a step-by-step of the next one so I can see what goes into making something like that? I'm guessing a knife and glue? I cut the cornrows of the fourth character from the left on the first row of this post: It's very cool that you are making them for your friends. Keep it up! Glad to have you with us! :)
  5. ShiningOne

    Hello ! I'm new member to this community :)

    That's a cool swat van Park! Good attention to detail and part usage.
  6. ShiningOne

    Hi guys im new!

  7. It's my pleasure to share with you this full-length animated film. You've never seen anything like this before done with LEGO.
  8. ShiningOne

    Pirate Ships

    Yeah, it is working now. When I get the confirmation email from I'll support it. I like the colors and the three masts.
  9. ShiningOne

    Ninja Quest Custom Minifigs

    Thanks, haha. I really like your work. Saw so many "purist" posts, I wasn't sure what the reaction would be, since I'm still new. I just looked through your signature. Great attention to detail in your work. Very cool concepts. I look forward to seeing your future work. Ninja Quest: Finding Vow is the movie for YouTube I just released. Worked on it since May last year. There are some more normal ninjas in it also. Here are some:
  10. This is amazing. I bet it was fun to come up with.
  11. Totally custom. All hand-painted with a tiny brush. Custom stickers too. I realize this isn't purist, but I'm sure you can appreciate the involvement in making these figures.
  12. ShiningOne

    Galactic Hero by Phoenix Customs

    Looks good. Best Luke I've seen, ahem. Galactic Hero I mean.
  13. ShiningOne

    Pirate Ships

    Thanks. In the future I would use boats like I see on here. I looked through your flickr, your creations and your photos are like works of art. I like how you completely fill your scenes with foliage and/or water. It looks professional. Thanks, making them sail was a challenge. I like your chess board, but the bottom link in your signature doesn't go anywhere.
  14. ShiningOne

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    I haven't seen any new anime in a year, any recommendations?
  15. ShiningOne

    Hello Eurobricks!

    I'm glad to be a new part of this community! I made a movie this past year using LEGOs that I custom painted and had voice actors for, etc. I look forward to sharing it with everyone. I'll answer questions and share my thoughts with people when I have time.