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  1. Duke

    Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    As someone who hasn't participated in the Guilds of Historica Subforum before, I was wondering whether it would still be ok to enter the competition?
  2. Duke

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    I think this is quite a fun MOC. It definitely has the feel of HMS Victory even without the big size. Lots of nice details and minifigs to bring it to life. The head-rails technique is a good one which I've not seen before. The working rudder is a nice touch too.
  3. Duke

    my 60 Custom Minifigs

    Wow.. to have seen any of those figures posted indivodually would have been great but all 60 at once! My favourites are the TMNT gang.
  4. Duke

    Fantasy: Warriors

    The royal guard makes me think of Heroes of Might and Magic.. nice figures.
  5. Duke

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Actually.. it looks like they are Anglo-Saxon runes which say: 'Diordie was here', whoever Diodie is? Perhaps a set designer.
  6. The Special Themes forum encompasses everything that doesn't fit into one of the others I think. These TMNTs have come out very nicely, just add the shell on the back and they will be perfect I think.
  7. Duke

    The first works.

    Hey these are really nice creations and the photos which you have taken are great; they really capture an every-day medieval feel.
  8. Duke

    Journey to the Underwold (MOC)

    Great creations, very nice bookshelves in particular.
  9. Duke

    SRW Scenic Tours: Throtle Up

    Very nice smoke effects, I can imagine it was tricky to get a good shot!
  10. Wow, you've really raised the bar with this entry. I'm not sure about the lower part of his body but on the horse he looks amazing.
  11. Thanks for the informative replies, i've favourited your (Deadalus304) model as another excellent reference. It definitely gives me some ideas. I've been trying different positions for the motor, battery and receiver this afternoon and come up with a configuration i'm reasonably happy with. The other issue is that i'm trying to make it out of dark green, rather a rare colour but it does seem to have most of the pieces I need.
  12. I'm relatively new to lego trains and own only a powered Emerald Night at the moment. I've been puzzling over making a motorised 0-6-0 model something along the lines of this: I found a really great model by Carl Greatrix which isn't motorised: I guess the difficulty is in fitting an XL motor inside and was wondering whether it would be any good to put the big steam driver wheels on a power functions train motor. I haven't seen any models like this so I feel there must be some issue with that configuration. However I don't own one of those motors.. can anyone shed any light on it or perhaps suggest an alternative solution?
  13. Duke

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    This next part looks amazing. The water is very convincing and so is the foliage. However, with all those plants covering the riverbanks I wonder if you need to bother with the mix of earthy colours underneath?
  14. Duke

    Serpent Knight

    Hi, thank you both for you comments. The snake seems quite sturdy since the FIMO has some flexibility, however I don't want to touch it too much incase it comes away from the lance. Thanks for the suggestion, hopefully I can come up with some interesting barding.
  15. Very nice, the helmet stands out to me. As 'ice dragon' says maybe a bit more colour would be good.