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  1. Captain Black Brick

    Flying Dutchman WIP

    Awsome! LOVE how you did the Quarter Galleries
  2. Enjoying a night ashore at the Imperial Trading Post while me ship is built.

  3. Captain Black Brick

    Bahamian Rhapsody

    Amazing! Simply Amazing!
  4. Captain Black Brick

    Bellringer's Isle

    Wow... Ingenious, stuff like the helmet as a bell are why I keep coming back to this website!
  5. Captain Black Brick

    Davy Jones' locker by /TheBricks\

    I once drew a picture of something like this as a joke.
  6. Captain Black Brick

    Lt. Hastings hastens back to the Diomedes...

    I'd love to turn The Black Seas Baracuda into a big heavily detailed MOC... I just don't have the parts
  7. Captain Black Brick

    Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

    By far one of THE BEST MOCs I have ever seen.
  8. Captain Black Brick

    IR Broadside cannons

    That is So Amazing!! you should consider submitting this to LEGo so they can impliment it!
  9. Captain Black Brick

    How many ships do you have in your fleet?

    I have the Red Beard Runner Skull's Eye Schooner (Under Reconstruction into Pirate Flagship) Black Seas Baracuda (Under reconstruction into Large Merchant ship) Armada Flagship (Spanish Theme) Crossbones Clipper.
  10. Captain Black Brick

    The Crimson Skull

    WOW.... I probably would have tried to keep as much of the origonal ship design intact as possible, but this is INREDIBLE!!! The Redbeard Runner was probably my First Big Lego Pirate ship.
  11. Captain Black Brick

    Black Pearl

    Amazing! It looks like the Black Pearl From the video game's menu screen.
  12. Captain Black Brick

    Pirate's Lair

    Verry cool!