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  1. It's not negative, I just want proof of multi-lane roads without tiling or cutting. Also Tracks on the side I know about, I mean in the road itself. Also if I sounded negative to you earlier I apologize. I just feel that the new system is getting a little too much hate and people seem to be going overboard about it.
  2. All I saw where just photos of normal Road plates, some in packaging, others with tiled sidewalks. Didn't see any with embedded Tram Tracks but I did see someone's 3D render of what they would look like, didn't see any multi-laned roads that didn't require cutting them up or tiling up the sidewalks. Not that I doubt you but I really didn't see any of the things I asked. I really want to see what they look like if they do exist. Even did some searching on google didn't find what I asked for either. Just normal road plates, MILs system stuff, bootleg roadplates, Lego road parterns printed on paper, roadplates with tiles on the studded parts, plain baseplates with tiles for the roads. and that's pretty much it. I did see a bridge using roadplates though so there's that.
  3. Well if you can use plates for all of that I want to at least see some examples of the multi-lane roads without cutting them up or tiling up the studded parts, speed bumps without awkward plate and tile placement or stickers, and of course Tram tracks on roadplates without the use of tiles or cutting up said road plates. I like roadplates too but I also like the new method coming out, so like I said earlier I'm thinking of ways of combining the two. Besides I wouldn't replace roadplates in sets that had them, they wouldn't look right.
  4. Something tells me he doesn't need to do much like bridges, multi-lane roads and speed bumps and is content with baseplates. Remember there are some people that are okay with the simpleness of baseplates and feel that they don't need to do much with roads. I on the other hand like both and will find ways to mix and match the two.
  5. If they were a plate taller they would line up perfectly train tracks. I do hope they do versions of these road plates with embedded rails, especially after they do the curve plates.
  6. Inspecter

    Ideas for new City sets

    Those 4+ sets seem to have high amounts of printed parts. If the cost is too high for printed parts in just one set, just split it up in to smaller Xtra type sets. Besides I hate stickered signs, I'm pretty sure there are others who have the same view.
  7. Inspecter

    Ideas for new City sets

    I have an idea for a new City set (or maybe it would work better under Xtra?) It's basically a redone version of set # 6427 Roads signs. essentially the same set but with updated prints and a few more signs. Some of those new signs can have new molds like rectangle and diamond shaped sign pieces.
  8. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    while that's true, the road is going to be taller than the sidewalk on the modular.
  9. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Won't stop some adults from getting them for their own layouts, while also modifying them of course.
  10. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    not that the old system is under detailed itself. I should've said it's not as flexible, as in the sense you can't make multiple lanes without mutilating the plate or put supports under it to elevate it without having it slide or wobble around or have proper Tram lines.
  11. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I guess if you want under detailed roads and what not. I on the other hand will know that I will have a very unhappy wallet.
  12. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Makes sense. I guess we can just adjust these new roads to whatever width we want if we have problems with the width. I really hope they do tram versions of these new roads.
  13. Inspecter

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    As a long time lurker, I have decided to give my own feedback on the new road plate system. I can see both positives and negatives with the new road system. First I'll start with the positives: 1. We can do elevated roads. Since other colors of the road piece seem to used in the Harry Potter Classroom sets, there seems to be stud connectors at the bottom. this makes it good for adding supports. 2. Plated roads make it easier for tram/streetcar integration. Since the new system makes use of tiled roads this makes it easier to have Tram tracks integrated, well atleast straight sections of track using old 12V tracks. Maybe there's plans to have these new road pieces with embedded track and of course curve variations if this new system is popular. Now on to negatives. 1. Roads are a bit high. As stated by people here, these new roads are a bit too high and the road would be taller than the sidewalks of modular buildings. but this can be an easy but expensive fix. 2. Lack of curves. Of course what kind road system doesn't have curves. Since it's just straights and intersections which are easier to do, maybe they're trying to figure out how to do curves and thus went with straights and intersections first. 3. Roads might be a bit to thin. Since Lego city cars seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year, wouldn't have been much better to have a lane be 10 studs wide rather than 8? If I were to give feedback on improving it more I would say: make the lanes wider, give us curves and of course give us tram track versions. Also as someone stated before lack of sidewalks maybe a negative but honestly I don't mind, leaves more room for us to make our own sidewalks. One more thing kind of related to the new roads but not really, I really hope those signs are printed and not stickers and I hope there's a future Xtra set that's basically a rerelease of the old road signs set from the late 90s.
  14. Inspecter

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Star Wars and Marvel will probably be year 3. I just hope one of the secret franchises is Lego Island.
  15. Inspecter

    LEGO Dimensions Wishlist

    The characters I would like to see in dimensions are the characters from Lego Island. It's about time the made a return and besides I'm pretty sure Pepper would have good interactions with Chase.